No Star Wars Galactic Spectacular in May?!

Planning a trip to WDW for the 1st two weeks in May. There are no listings for Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at HS during that time on WDW’s website. Is this nighttime show going away?

No, they are just slow to schedule it. It may not be every night.

I’m still waiting, too. It’s very frustrating. We want to go to the Star Wars dessert party and I have no idea which night they’ll offer it. I’ve left a couple of nights free.

Same here! Going week of May 13-20 still no days posted for Star Wars dessert party.

We’re going May 15-26. I keep checking for the dessert party several times a day. I wish Disney would hurry so I can finalize my plans.


Shoot… I only left one night available for this. Hopefully they’ll do it on a Thursday. We’re going first full week of May.

@amiewilson. People have been booking today!

Hope you get what you want :grinning:


Just made our reservations. Thanks everyone!

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Ok wait… it says for May 11 that the park closes at 8:30 but Star Wars doesn’t start until 9:30? Are they going to change the park hours too or is that normal? Not the end of the world, as we’re not seeing Fantasmic that night. I guess we can just hop in line for Tower of Terror or something at 8:28 and then have time to get a spot in line for the Star Wars fireworks?