No Split Stays on the Dashboard?

Is there no way to add another hotel to the Dashboard? I have a 2-day reservation for a Hilton (which is on the list) but it looks like there’s no way to have two hotels on the the same Dashboard. So I need to make another one with just the two earlier days, is that correct or am I missing something?

This already screwed me up because I missed my ADR window for those first two days, I got the email for our stay at BWI but of course, not the Hilton because I didn’t have that stay entered. :roll_eyes: I just completely forgot I could link it in the MDE, too. I still got what I wanted but ugh… this might matter more when FP scheduling time comes around. I need all the reminding help I can get!!


I often have split stays. I set up each one as a separate trip on my dashboard. I will be curious to hear if both FPs windows open with your first stay.


I know split stays are common which is why I was surprised that there was no means to accommodate that and still have only one dashboard. We are only doing split-stay because I won’t be sure about the exact dates until a few weeks before.

I agree it’ll be interesting to see about that FP window, but now there’s also the issue of the tickets being tied to park dates. I had planned to buy a ticket that starts two days earlier even if I DON’T keep that Hilton reservation since those days are cheaper. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a mechanism to put two hotel stays on one dashboard- too many variables with the property and ticket types.

It has always been like this. You can see them lined up on the home page of the app. You need each stay separate if you are using some of the tools such as the room request fax or emails each time your ADRs open.

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That’s fine, I just wanted to know if I was missing some way to put them all on the same dashboard, I can roll with it if not! :grinning: I am more of a stay-put kind of person, so we had never done a split-stay before.

I always use this dashboard:

Actually , I think that last stay before my cruise will be split as well (you cannot see my days after the cruise).


I’m either older than you or my phone is older than yours because I HATE doing stuff on my phone. :grin: I only use it to visit on the lines chat, for now. I guess I had better mend my ways- or get newer glasses. :sunglasses: Vacations are often my impetus for getting an updated Rx (ever since the time I had to read my road map in Ireland with outdated sunglasses- major fail!)

I went back and added the new dashboard per your advice, and saw that the last day at the Hilton overlaps with the first day at the BWI and it pulled up my plans for that day- nice! Good to go.


I don’t like using my phone except when there. I do all my trip planning on the computer.

I’m under 50


Thank you!

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The great thing about TP is that anything you do on your computer can be accessed on the app dashboard !


It is a great little app. I also just downloaded the MDE app today and am having fun playing with it, too. It’s kind of neat to see the technological changes that have taken place since our last visit to Disney 6 years ago. The kids are going to love it!


Have you downloaded the Play Disney app too?

Nope, what is it?

I couldn’t get that do do anything for us in September. It felt like a dud. I don’t think we were doing it right LOL

Here is the blog post about it:

In theory, it works in the parks…

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Wow! Look at big that is!

My response is akin to your tagline… Inappropriate!

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“…Guests will turn wait time into play time…”
I’m sorry, but this is completely against the spirit of TP. :wink:
My goal is NO WAIT TIME.
If I download this app, it’s like admitting defeat.


DD shared that they had a discussion in her class today about personalities. The example the teacher was using went a little like, “You’re at WDW and you’ve been waiting in line for a ride for an hour…”

DD says - flawed question, we don’t wait in lines :laughing:


Unless it is the line waiting to get into Pandora- 00 minutes before the park opens…