No rooms - sold out this weekend & next

I am not understanding how the ENTIRE resort is completely sold out this weekend and also next. The crowds according to TP.COM are like 3-6.

Search today thru Sunday and also next Thursday thru Sunday. All rooms sold out.

Just frustrating.

I just searched Friday for 3 nights and have 12 options. Not cheap options, but there are rooms available.

Did you try each night separately? Sometimes there are rooms available at a resort for all the nights but not same category for all nights?

That’s weird. Have you tried putting different numbers of adults and children? I don’t know if WDW does this, but I’ve heard of some hotels setting up searches so that certain inputs will not show all rooms. Ex. if WDW would rather sell a room to a family of 4 because they’ll probably spend more money on food and tickets and such, maybe they’ll not show availability for a party of one. Does that make sense? I don’t know if WDW does this, but changing the search inputs is worth a shot.

Oh, and make sure you look at room only bookings, not just discount package bookings. I had a problem where I was set up to look for discounted rooms which were sold out, and I thought it meant that all availability was gone. I don’t know the best way to change it - there’s no option to search for room only vs. discount package on the search page. I think I ended up looking at the rates for a specific resort and there were bubbles to select at the top for room-only vs. packages, and once I selected one it carried that selection over to all of my searches on the WDW site.

Or just hop onto undercover tourist. They’re showing availability next weekend at CSR and ASM.

There is a standard room at Pop available for today- Sunday. $505.13 total.
Next weekend Thurs-Sun there are rooms at the grand Floridian Outer Bldg theme park view for a mere $2772.01 if you have money to burn.

A large percentage of people visiting Disney don’t stay on-property. The resort rooms will fill up first, typically, as Disney is very adept at making sure that happens.

So there are probably still plenty of rooms available off-site, and that’s why the CL isn’t that high.

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Disney hotel bookings do not influence CL.

No but it can be low crowds and all resort rooms still sold out. Because most visitors stay offsite.

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Well, yes… that directly follows from what I said. The resorts don’t affect crowd levels, because they’re pretty much full all the time- Disney makes sure of that. Crowd levels rise and fall because the number of offsite guests rises and falls.

There’s always going to be a baseline approx. 80-100k people at the parks because the 30k rooms at the resorts are usually full. They might not fill up until the last minute, but Disney will make sure there are heads in beds. That’s where the crowd level of 1 or 2 comes from. But if there’s a crowd level of 10, the vast majority come from offsite.

The OP wanted to know how the crowd level could be so low and yet the resorts be full. So, that’s how. The resorts are always full because they’re desirable and fill up first; but those guests are a small percentage of the total number guests.


Try calling MVT. I believe they buy blocks of rooms and may have some left at a good deal.

I have had issues like this in the past which was a website problem. No vacancy anywhere. Called Disney, they told me to clear the cache and then rooms magically appeared !!!

That’s not a website problem, well not for Disney anyway. They put a cookie on you to mark you as being a frequent visitor & didn’t want to target you with the deals. Nice of the CM to tell you how to find the deal!

I always have my browser set to incognito for that very reason.

When you’re looking for deals, always clear your cache so they think you’re new. This also happens with airplane tickets from time to time.

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How very crappy !!! I didn’t know that !!!

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It is!

And don’t get me started with how credit card companies track people…

Our legislators are seriously behind the times in terms of privacy laws.

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That is a myth. Clearing Browser Cookies Probably Won't Get You Better Flight Deals | HuffPost Life

Interesting. In any case, I don’t think it got me a better deal, but it sure made the thing go from saying the entire resort was sold out to some rooms available (it was still not many availabilities though).

Actually, that article doesn’t say it’s a “myth” all all. They don’t have any definitive answer, just that they didn’t see it happen. They’re not IT experts, just travelers like us. The article quotes travel experts who say it does. I didn’t say it happens all the time, just that it might. There’s nothing in that article that is definitive either way.

In fact, the closing words are:

"Oh, and if you’re the superstitious type, clear your cookies anyway. As cheap travel extraordinaire Nomadic Matt writes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” "

They also didn’t address what Disney does.

I don’t think the Disney aspect of it is a myth. The CM told him to clear the cache, and it worked.

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Clear the cache and clearing cookies are two different actions. I could have cited Consumer Reports or Mythbusters who all tested the myth to clear cookies.

They accomplish the same thing in this instance, and that is that Disney knows a customer has been there before. They give different deals to new visitors than to old ones.

Edit: Also, clearing the cache & the cookies aren’t different actions on my browser. I suspect that’s true of many browsers, which is why clearing the cache worked for the OP.