No room in the inn. Except there is

Trying to plan 4-5 nights at POP at the end of April. When I search for the various 4-5 nights that work for me I get no availability. But if I put in one night at a time I can see rooms for all of the nights. I think the issue is there is no 5 night stretch where there is the same room category available the whole time. I’d have to stitch together three different reservations with category changes (and then presumably room changes) to make it happen. I also then can’t get the stay longer save more discount for the 5 night stay if I do that. Thoughts? Advice?

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Book whatever you can get, discounted or not.
Then, try to modify that reservation to include the actual nights you want, and try to apply the discount.
If all else fails, call and speak to Guest Services - though they will have the same inventory you see, they may be able to do some behind the scenes work to stitch everything together properly so that you can apply that discount.

It’s entirely possible the discounted rooms are sold out or nearly so - and in that case they won’t be able to do anything to help you I don’t think


Thanks! Once I get BFF to nail down the dates I’ll just book what I can. I was going to dictate the dates based on discount availability. I guess the silver lining is flexibility!


I had 2 nights at ASS and then added an extra night based on single night availability. I did have to change rooms as the resort was at capacity and they had a large group staying in the room I was initially. So just know that you may indeed need to change rooms although I will say they tried everything they could to keep me in the same room.


Thanks! I was able to book the first four nights but our fifth night they are now totally sold out. This gives me hope to keep looking. I wouldn’t mind moving for the last night but the availability I was seeing before had us moving twice within the 5 nights and all at POP.