No room at the Values (Inn)

The good news is I already have at Caribbean Beach. Traveling from April 29-May 4 2019.
We may want to downgrade to Pop Century or All Star Music. My TA is not available. When I go directly to Disney Travel, I go incognito so they don’t know I keep checking and I have a reservation.

All the value resorts say there is not availability for those dates. It’s low season with a 3-5 crowd rating from TP.

What gives?

I just looked and there are rooms at AoA, POP, and 2 of the AS locations…

This is really interesting. I am trying to downgrade to POP for my February trip (7th - 10th) and nothing is available. Am I understanding your post correctly @vernramos that the system can tell that you already have a reservation and doesn’t allow you to see other options that are for a lower value?

@Gnatjo. My travel agent tried this morning and there wasn’t anything available for our dates. He said it’s weird that there is no inventory for those dates.

I moved my dates a week later with no problem. I know it’s not possible for everyone

Interesting. I’m going to keep my eye on that with my reservation. I could save close to $50 a night if I can snag Pop. I don’t want to stay at any of the All Stars and Art of Animation doesn’t get me too fired up. Granted, I have never stayed at AOA, but the decor is a bit too intense for me. =)

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That’s weird, I just checked too and can get a suite at AoA which is more expensive than CSR and POR which are also available, but no other values.

That time of year, there are cheer groups. I would imagine that would take up a good bit of the values.