No rider swap on RotR?

First trip since Jan 2020 - I was looking at the official list of Rider swap eligible rides and RotR isn’t on there. Is this accurate?

We’re visiting 1/28-2/1 and RotR is an absolute must for my Star Wars-obsessed DS6. My husband and I also want to try it out, but DS3 won’t be tall enough. I planned on booking the 3 ILLs and rider swapping, so someone can stay with DS3. Should I just stagger our ILLs, so one of the adults rides alone later? I’m nervous enough trying to get ILLs, much less book 2 at one time and another one later :grimacing:

Fingers crossed RS is still a thing at RotR, but advice appreciated!

I would book all 3. I read that anyone who is using a rider swap needs to have ILL or G+ (depending on the ride).

Thank you! Yes, for sure I’ll book all 3, just not sure if I need to stagger the times or if I can book for same reservation time and have enough time for my husband and DS6 to ride and then I go alone.

I would book all 3 together.