No response in chat - a little help over here, maybe?

I posted this in chat & even bumped it, but still getting no response - not even a “go jump in 7 seas lagoon”, LOL - not sure why, but anyway, I decided to post it over here:

WWYD Touring advice / park picks advice needed: 3 day PH for 2 adults, 7 12/13 yr old girls. Relying on (sort of) SD FPP due to not having tickets in advance. CL predictions are now mostly WAY higher than I usually book trips for. Based on following, what’s the best approach? Park days are Thursday, Friday, & Saturday of next week.

MK - CL5, CL6 (morning EMH), CL9
EP- CL6, CL6, CL9
HS - CL9, CL9, CL10
AK - CL8 (morning EMH), CL8, CL9(morning EMH)

We are on site, it’s just a question of if everyone is willing to RD and if they are willing to RD EMH. I plan to have each of the girls in my group give me their top three things to do at each park. I’m confident that SDD, 7DMT, FOP, and Soarin’ and/or TT will make the lists.

They will have chorus and band workshops to attend on Friday and Saturday, so I’d like to really make the most of the time we have without having to put them through my commando touring routine.


How much time will you have Friday and Saturday?

A few questions to clarify things:

  • You have only three days - do you definitely want to try to do all four parks?
  • What times are the chorus/band workshops scheduled for on Friday and Saturday?

Also, if these girls are not related to you, I would not tour commando - undergarments, please. :wink:


Glad to see someone understands what “going commando” means! :rofl:

As a Scottish girl (cough), I always think of this definition first … I honestly can’t think of any other non-UK poster who gets it!


Actually, anyone who is a fan of Friends should know what “going commando” means.


That’s a whole other can of worms. All we have been told is ‘sometime in the afternoon’.

So are you planning all day Thursday then two mornings? I guess I would do MK Thursday then have them pick 2 for the other mornings… and if they want the big rides they will have to wake up… will be hard to do all 4. I think.

I would say definitely rd non emh parks. That’s a good compromise if you’re not sure how the girls will do with getting up. I would make them get up and out in plenty of time for rope drop.

Since most of them are Dis ‘veterans’, and some have been at least once, they will probably want to do MK, HS, and AK for sure. The workshops are at EP, so… shrug

Sadly, the chorus director hasn’t been able or cared to tell us what time they are yet, but she did say they can take a while. :-/

Since the workshops will most likely be during the day, plan on evenings at the park. I would rope drop HS on Thursday if SDD is a priority. The first day they may be willing to get up early!

Then do your best to other two parks Friday and Saturday.