No Resort Availability for October 2021?

There must be something I’m missing. I just looked online into booking a trip for October 2021 and it shows no on-site resort availability. I tried a few different weeks in October 2021.

Is WDW holding back on res for October 2021?

I think that last week at least, you could only book through September 26, 2021.


Thank you. I will check again in a couple weeks. It is my in-laws 50th anniversary in 2021 and they Honeymooned in WDW shortly after WDW’s opening so what could be a better way to celebrate their 50th!

My in-laws haven’t been to Disney since the late 80s and don’t understand how much has changed. I told them we all should book our rooms as soon as possible. DW’s siblings and their families are all planning to come too so it will be a very large group.

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I might check every few days. October 2021 seems like it would be well within the “normal” 499 days in advance to book, but little is normal now. Who knows when Disney will drop these reservations into bookable. We are thinking of November or December 2021, but now that I am retired from school calendars, DGD will be in kindergarten and DD is not likely to pull her out of school.

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I don’t see them opening up bookings for the 50th until the parks are back open and things have settled.


They have not said when they will open bookings beyond 9/26/21. I think they are trying to sort out what they will do about the 50th but also trying to focus strongly on the now. I would more look for an announcement than keep checking back


Is the assumption that they will begin the 50th celebration on 9/27? My 10 year anniversary is 9/22 and I would love to combine a trip for both celebrations!! Start with my anniversary, end with Disney’s :heart_eyes:

There is no information at all that has been discussed or even rumored about when the celebration will begin

Like most of my thoughts these days…wishful thinking!!