No Park Hopper - Can I leave the park for lunch/dinner and reenter

I dont have park hopper can i still get out of the park and re-enter the park say If I want to take a break during the day for any reason?

Yes - you can go in and out of the same park as much as you like.


This is true for most times of the year. However, if the park you have entered reaches capacity, from what I understand, at that time you cannot enter. That is pretty rare though. If I’m wrong, someone can feel free to correct me.

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During phased closings if you are staying onsite in most cases you will be able to re-enter, or if you have an ADR.


There are different tiers to a closure (which only happens on the very busiest days). If staying onsite, you have priority and would be let back in for all but the absolute busiest days.

Here’s a touring plans description of the closures:

“To be specific, Magic Kingdom closes, on average, around 6 days per year. New Year’s Eve and July 4 are always two of them, often getting up to a Phase 3 closure (see below). Two to four other days during Christmas week can be expected each year as well, although those rarely go above Phase 2. The years where Easter week falls during late-March or early-April can also see closures due to the Easter break/Spring Break overlap.”

Phase 2 allows re-entries back in, Phase 3 allows those with ADRs or staying on-site in. Phase 4 would be required to give one no hope for re-entry which has only happened once in the last decade on 7 April 2009. Makes me really wonder what was going on that day in Magic Kingdom…


So basically, JJT and I were both correct. It is so rare that you shouldn’t worry about it unless you are staying offsite and are going during the Christmas to New Year’s week. Except in that one instance on April 7, 2009. Ha! I am curious as well!

I am going the week of 12/18 – your thoughts ? the Crowd Tracker just updated to 8 or 9 for the 4 parks I am visiting

Are you staying on-site? If so, I wouldn’t worry about it - odds you can’t get back in would be microscopic. If you’re not on-site, odds are still heavily on your side, but making an ADR for something that night would again get rid of those worries.

I believe the Xmas closings tend to be the week in between rather than the week prior, so unless you’re staying for 2 weeks, you should likely be fine. There’s also the question of “if it is that busy, do you really want to battle the throngs of people”?

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I think Damavs is right. When I went last year, the only time the crowd calendar was black (or purple, whichever one is the highest color) was the week in between Christmas and New Year’s. Going the week before is still likely crowded, but it’s probably in the red. If you are staying on site, you likely have nothing to worry about.

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Thank you all, I am staying onsite