No new WDW reservatioms until after July 1st!

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So either no opening in June, or they are restricting reservations to manage capacity. Hmmmmm

Hopefully the latter. Which is still possible. They may have filled up enough in June that they know they can’t accept additional reservations because of where they need to limit things.

But…as with it seems to be the caveat of every post these days…who knows?


There is a liner on chat that was originally scheduled to report for the Cultural Representarion Program (I copied the name from chat) in April. The new date is July 20th.


Are those typically jobs for Epcot, or for any of the parks?

This particular position is at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Ah, okay. I was hoping it would tell us more about which parks might be opening. Guess not! :slight_smile:

Hoping its the latter as well and they are planning for the initial openening with reduced capacity. Still being optimistic that some sort of openening will occur sometime in June. Like you said…who knows…still just speculation here.

No dining reservations available in June either…with the exception of Disney Springs.

I cancelled a late June DVC reservation last night and they moved my borrowed points back to their original year (something they have only been doing during the closure). Maybe they are just being extra nice but at the very least it seems like they are trying to reduce those reservations and work with people.


Oh, I thought I’d posted here.

I did a chat and was told that while the policy is in force, all borrowed points will be returned. I specifically asked about my December reservation and was told that even those borrowed points would be returned. It might take a couple of weeks. I’ll check in another week and if not I’ll ask them on chat to action it.

It’s not good for everyone, but it will save us a year’s worth of points for when we reschedule.


Do we know if existing ADRs have been cancelled, or are they just not letting new ones be made

My ADRs for June are still showing

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Not that I have heard. I have a friend who has a mid june reservation and her ADRs are still showing but if you try to book a new reservation today there is no availability.

I added to the other thread. They added you need to ask for them within 15 days of cancellation. It was not automatic last night but maybe because I did it online?

There was just a report on chat that a conference taking place at GF on June 5th was confirmed yesterday.

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That is good to hear. If we have to cancel August I like knowing that everything will go back to where it belongs.

The only thing you have to watch is them changing the policy. But I don’t see them changing it any time soon. It helps availability by limiting the points in use, so win-win. But for some people it isn’t good, if they hoped to rebook before the end of their use year.

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Did you see it written anywhere? When I cancelled It said all points would be returned to the year the reservation was in. I couldn’t find anything that said my borrowed points would be returned to the original UY?