No more upgrades from UT?!

A post on the Liners FB group has me worried. Two people have said Disney is going to stop allowing upgrades of third party tickets. I bought 5 PH from UT for our Fall trip and since have decided to go next June as well. So I plan to upgrade one of the tickets to an AP since I am the only the only one doing both trips. Has anyone else heard of this?

What I’ve heard has been you can still upgrade, but you’re going to lose the discount, and probably a little more. WDW is tracking what was paid for the ticket to WDW and charges the difference.

Thanks @TheGraceysButler. This must be something very new because I ordered my UT tickets only about 2 weeks ago and was still getting info saying my AP upgrade would be from the gate price not the UT price up until the day I ordered. It will only affect one of us so I can’t complain but I am sad to lose the discount.