No more Star Wars Weekends

Please forgive me if someone else has already posted this. I did a search and didn’t find another thread…

I’m assuming this will be devastating to many and with May in the not too distant future, I thought those traveling with the hopes of being there for SWW, should know that this has been announced.

I’m so sad. I’m not a fan, but my BIL is, and we’re taking him for the first time in June. I received a pamphlet in the mail a month ago, still promoting SWW under “things to do in June”. I warned the family that this was a possibility.

I knew I had seen some concern expressed by at least a few liners over the last few weeks.
I guess if they are making SW more of a prominent, everyday feature, that will be great.
It would be nice if they can still offer some of the meet & greets with some of the stars from the films from time to time though.

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I’m sure we’ll go back when the whole SW Land is done, but who know when that will be?! :slight_smile: I agree, some meet & greets would be nice!