No magic band for me? <sad face>

Can you make sense of this tracking report from USPS?

I had my magic band shipped to the address I’m staying at in Davenport. The report says there was an unspecified problem with the address and the band was returned to the sender and has been delivered. But the zip code of the address it has been returned to is the one for the address I’m staying at.

Did they maybe try again? If it was returned to Disney why doesn’t it give that zip code? How did it get back to Disney so quickly without multiple tracking reports on the way?

It look looks like they tried to deliver it, failed for some reason, took it back to the local post office, then successfully delivered it to the house the next day.

The report below misses out the first few events as I couldn’t fit them all on the screen.

Odd…but at least it’s delivered. Do you have someone at the location that can confirm it was delivered? Perhaps they needed to confirm the address back at the Post Office…thus sending it back. Was it sent to you in “care of” another person?

Could the people who own the house have a mail forwarding service set up, perhaps to a post office box in the same town?


I gave the address to Disney in the format

My Name
c/o House Owner’s Name
House Address
FL 33897

The house is a holiday home, which the owners do not let out, so it’s empty most of the time. They have someone who looks after the house, but she’s not resident at the house.

I asked if it was OK to have the magic band shipped to the house and the owner said that was fine.

I guess I’ll only find out once I get there. It’s not essential — I have my magic band from last year. But it would be nice to have a new one. I choose a different colour so that I can get a collection going.

I hope it shows up!

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I’m wondering if maybe it wouldn’t fit in the mail box, so they took it back to the post office, but then tried again and just hid it near the front door? Or maybe the housekeeper happened to be in the second time? Or something?

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If this was through the USPS and not UPS, then those tracking reports can be quite dubious at times.

I’ve had cases where the tracking report showed that a package was apparently lost in some location several states away, but then it shows up at our doorstep. By the end of the next day, the system catches up and shows that it was delivered!

So, I found trying to make sense of the tracking information from USPS is often pointless.

Now, if the tracking were through UPS, it should be accurate. The trouble is, sometimes UPS hands off the package to USPS for the final stages of delivery.

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