No love for AoA Finding Nemo Suites?

We have a reservation for AoA starting Oct 31. We booked for a Finding Nemo suite but when trying to see what room TP recommends, seems that only 1 Cars building and 1 Lion King building are the ‘Preferred’. Is there something wrong with the Nemo suites?

my guess would be the noise as they are quite close to the pool and play areas.

We loved our Nemo Suite. We were on the top floor, I think building 5, about 2 rooms away from the elevator. No noise issues. The daytime view wasn’t much but at night we could see the Hollywood Studios fireworks. If I remember when I get home I will look up the room number.

Thanks @NoCapes. Glad to know that the Nemo suites are nice and it’s just during odd in the system. I appreciate it.

We were in 5817

Here’s a poor quality pic of the fireworks. In the bottom left of of the pic I think that’s the outdoor movie.


Maybe if you change the parameters to close to food and lobby, it will show you something in the Nemo building? I’ve found that my preference and TP picks don’t usually line up.:wink: It’s all in what’s collectively most important to you!

Thanks so much @NoCapes. I appreciate it. A room with a view of fireworks, even at a distance, is a kind of bonus. :grin:

@AngieandWillie- I sort of noticed that. I changed my filters to less than 3mins for both transportation and lobby, buildings 4 & 5 light up. But with those filters AND checking off TP picks, there’s no results. Struck me as kinda funny. :wink:

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We stayed in the Finding Nemo suites and were facing the lake looking towards Pop Century on the ground floor. It was great, nice and quiet, though I do wonder how noisy it is on the other side facing the pool when since the pool doesn’t close until 11pm.

Take TP picks with a grain of salt… there are entire resort categories that have none at all but that doesn’t make them bad places to stay.

Thanks all. I appreciate it. :blush: