No longer available: 100 DVC pts for Rent

We are skipping WDW next summer :scream: but will be cruising DCL instead :grinning: !!

We won’t need our DVC pts next year and have 250 available for rent:

$12.50 per point and will give preference to renters requesting an 80 point minimum.

(My home resorts are HHI and SSR, where I can book 11 months out. Any other resort, I can book at 7 months out.)

If you’re interested, let me know and I can check dates for you and also send terms.



What is HHI?

It’s Disney’s Hilton Head Island resort. We love it there!

After briefly looking at the HHI link I would love more information! We are in NC and may need a family beach reunion week next year. Could we rent points and apply them to multiple rooms? TIA

@lottendpr The HHI resort is a nice mix of relaxing, beach, and fun outdoor activities! We’ve been many times and enjoy biking, kayaking, fishing, and the many restaurants around the island.

The Disney’s HHI resort is on the marsh side, and they also own a “Beach House” on the ocean side, which is about a mile from the resort. It’s an easy bike ride there and there are pools both at the resort at the Beach House. Unlike the WDW resorts, HH does not have a table service restaurant on site. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the resort, though.

Points CAN be used for multiple rooms. We’ve always gotten a 2BR but a person could do 2 or 3 studios instead if that works better for their needs.

Do you know what dates you’re interested in? The busy season for HHI is different than the WDW DVC resorts, with June and July being busiest at Hilton Head (in my experience). I’d be glad to check availability for you.

As a disclaimer, someone asked earlier yesterday about these points and I am speaking with her this afternoon, but I may still have some available. Even if not, I’d be glad to help with more info or point you in the right direction!


I have rented 84 HH pts.

I still have 166 total available to rent.


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Bump for liners looking for DVC pts to rent.


@CheeZ can you email me at

No specific dates, just when I saw your post it occurred to me that this might be a good option for us. We have several sides of the family that do beach week reunions. However, one side has chosen west coast for next year and the other side all have major life events happening so advance planning will be tough. Thanks for the info though, I will save it for later! Good luck getting your points rented, and have an awesome cruise!

Just emailed. :grinning:

No problem @lottendpr and thanks so much! Hope it works out with planning your big family trip. It is a challenge to wrangle the whole family together!

May I ask how small of amount it’s worth your time to rent? May only be looking to stay one night in April 2017 that would require 23 HHI points. Can email to discuss further if easier.

Hi @mvscoppa,

Thanks for asking! I generally try to split it up into only a few reservations, so that would be around an 80 point minimum. That usually ensures I have the larger blocks available when someone wants a whole week.

Can I get back w/you in the next couple of days, though? I have someone interested in a large block and may have enough points left over for that.

I will try to send a private message w/my email address.


Update: 100 points left for rent or transfer to an existing DVC members at $12.50 per point. If rented, I can book at SSR 11 months in advance or any other resort at 7 months.

For transfers: these are SSR June 2017 Use Year points.


Hi–I know you are selling larger blocks of points, but my husband and I are planning a trip for our anniversary in October, and we could add an extra night to our trip, but we are one point short of being able to do it. (This would be after adding the 24 one-time use points. If there is any chance that you might have an odd one single point leftover, please let me know. I would pay $20 for it if that could somehow be done. We are new to DVC and don’t have any friends or family who are members, so any ideas on how to score one single solitary point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Hi @cstrassner,

We’ve been members since '02. Welcome to DVC! Is this for next Oct - Oct 2017? Have you already purchased the one time points from DVC? Are you still short 1 point even of you borrow from your 2018 points?

The difficulty with 1 point (or anything smaller than a whole night’s points), is that members can only make one transfer per Use Year, so it would need to be from someone who doesn’t need to transfer any points and just has an extra that they can part with. I couldn’t transfer 1, because I’d have 99 left that I need to get rid of.

The easiest thing will be NOT to make the one time purchase from DVC, if you haven’t already, and then either rent 25 pts from a member or request a transfer of 25 pts from a member. I’m holding points outside of my 100SSR pts for a renter and should hear back Monday. If he doesn’t rent those, I will have 25 I could rent. If you’d rather do a transfer, I can ask a couple of friends and also Disboards has a great DVC forum w lots of rent and transfer options.

Hope this is helpful! The banking and borrowing of your own points is a great feature too, and if you haven’t used that yet, just let me know and I can share how that works.

Have a great night!

After further review, if we could buy 12 transferred points, that would be the perfect amount to add to my dangling 6 points (I made a change to our reservation after buying 19 of our one-time points). Lesson learned. If you know of anyone with 12 points that we could buy, please keep me in mind.

I will ask a couple of my DVC friends! This is for next Oct, not this Oct? (That matters for Use Year.)

This October… Nothing like waiting till the last minute! I can buy up to 5 more points from Disney, but I need 7 more to get the same room at the poly for one more night. Thanks!

I’ve rented out those 100 SRR points.