No live entertainment scheduled

Is this because they just haven’t released the schedule for that time (Nov 10-15) or did more stuff get cut from Disneyland?

Did you check on this page? Navigate there and select your dates. I’ve found Disney’s park calendars to be tricky to navigate but the entertainment page appears to be updated through your dates.

Also depends on what you consider live entertainment, because some has been cut. But most of the major stuff is still there. Frozen is at the Hyperion on 11/11, for example.

ETA: at the bottom of the page is a bunch of stuff that says “schedule unavailable.” Most of the items I noted in this section for your dates are seasonal and aren’t offered during those times. A couple of them aren’t though - like the Dapper Dans. It looks like they are only scheduled through 11/3. I haven’t heard of them being cancelled (I highly doubt they would be) so I think their schedule just isn’t released out that far. But maybe they are on hiatus.

I just looked for this Friday as we will be at DL hoping to see the Halloween Screams fireworks. TP has the fireworks on their schedule, but the Disneyland site says “Schedule Unavailable”. Yikes! It seems like a Friday night would be a prime night for fireworks. I tried Saturday night and Sunday as well and it says the schedule is unavailable so maybe there is something going on with the site.

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I think this site just hasn’t been updated. Because one of my plans says Mickey and the Magical Map has no shows scheduled for that day but the Disney site shows multiple showings.

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Hmmm. That doesn’t bode well for me since it’s the Disneyland site that shows “Schedule Unavailable” for Halloween Screams this weekend. On the other hand, how do you not at least attempt fireworks the weekend before Halloween? We’ll see, I guess.

Speaking of live entertainment schedules, I booked my Fantasmic! Dining Package at BB at the 60 day mark for 6 pm on 11-3, but then heard about Frozen at the Hyperion having its schedule cut to weekends only. So I was trying really hard to re-jigger my Sunday DL TP to accommodate swinging over to DCA for the 5 pm Frozen. This meant desperately refreshing the reservations page to try to switch the BB time to a bit later, say 6:30, but with no luck whatsoever. Just now, doing final trip prep, I checked all the entertainment schedules again, and whaddaya know, Frozen is scheduled Monday 11-4 at 12, 3, and 5. Which is GOOD NEWS, but I’m almost positive there were no performances scheduled as of 2 weeks ago, and geez Louise knowing the right schedule would have saved me some angst.

While we’re talking about schedules, I was also originally under the impression that WoC would be at 8pm on 11-4, so I booked a 6:15 Lamplighter reservation figuring we’d be out and able to get in our spot for WoC around 7 - 7:15. Turns out it’s a showtime of 7:30 instead. Luckily rescheduling Lamplighter was much easier, I just scheduled an early dinner at 4:30.

One week till we’re in SoCal! (is that a faux pas calling it that? lol)

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Apparently the schedule for events/entertainment won’t be finalized until November 8th. Which is a bit stressful as I get there the 10th.