No Late FPP available?

My FP day was yesterday and despite the system crashing at 7:08, I was able to get almost everything I wanted. I am running into a strange situation when trying to modify one day, though. We have an After Hours in MK on 3/9 and can enter the park at 7:00, so I booked 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 FPs. I am now trying to switch one of them though (talked my kid into a different ride). Even though it looks like there should be availability, I cannot get offered any times past 5:30pm for any of the rides. On other days, this isn’t an issue. I am sure that there are things available, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do to book. (I can even see SDMT available for 9:15 that morning so I am sure that there should be something available past 5:30!) I do not want to cancel and re-book just in case I completely lose the FP but I am truly puzzled. I thought maybe it was a system glitch yesterday but I am having the same issue this morning. Any ideas?

I think it’s because it won’t show you any FPs that overlap with what you already have.


Agree with @missoverexcited. When you Modify an FP you won’t see any times that overlap with any existing FPs you have.

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But if you modify it normally shows you other times for that same ride or times for other rides that overlap with the one you are trying to get rid of/modify. It sounds like klimp is trying to modify one to another ride. It shows up overlapping times for me when I do that. I assumed it was because it knew I wouldn’t have that current one once I select the new one.

They changed it so that you have a choice:

  • choose another ride

  • choose a different time for the same ride

You can’t do both at the same time anymore.

Yes, I know. My point was that it allows me to overlap with the one I’m modifying because it won’t exist once I confirm. It seems like klimp might have a glitch in MDE or something.

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Yes, exactly - if I go to a different day, I can modify any of my FPPs to a different ride at the same time or even at other times throughout the whole day. For this one particular day (when I can’t enter the park before 7pm) I can’t see ANY ride availability past 5:30pm. I’m fine with what I have and I have plenty of time to keep trying but I just thought it was an odd glitch.

Whoa. Really? So let’s say I have a FP for Buzz Lightyear at 10:00 am. Now, I want to see if there is another ride I can modify to near the same time, but not the same time…let’s say I don’t care, as long as it is anything from 9 am to noon. I can’t do that any longer without first dropping Buzz?

I thought the change made in MDE wasn’t really limiting behavior, just making it easier to distinguish between just changing time on the same ride from changing rides entirely (which might also involve changing the time).

That hasn’t been my experience with FPs I made yesterday (on all other days besides this one that is glitching). I can see all the other rides that are available at the exact same time and for any other window throughout the day.

You would choose the “change ride” option.

If you wanted to look for a better time for Buzz, you would choose the “change time” option.

Yes…but you said you can’t do both, which would imply you can’t switch ride and time at the same time.

Maybe that’s not what you meant?

You can’t look at both at the same time any more.

When you modified before, it would bring up other times for the FP you already had, and also showed other available FPs.

Then you either chose a different ride and time, or just chose a different time for your ride.

Now when you bring up the FP on MDE, you have to then choose whether you want to look at different times or whether younwant to see what other rides you can get.

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Okay. This is how I thought it was. But when you said you couldn’t do both, it make it sound like you couldn’t choose a different ride with a different time. :slight_smile:

I like the new way they are doing it just fine. But I wouldn’t have been if you would be forced to pick a different ride at the SAME time. :slight_smile:

I finally got it! This was a lesson for me! I realized what you meant about overlapping times. I found it hard to believe there was nothing available at exactly 7:30, but I held my breath and moved my 6:30-7:30 to a 6:10-7:10 time slot. Then sure enough…with those extra minutes available, there was a 7:25 SDMT available! I booked it and then immediately went in and modified the 7:25 to 7:30 (but geez…why wasn’t that 7:30 available to begin with?!) and THEN I modified the 6:10 back to 6:30! Whew! Thank you for the idea! (doing a happy dance now because I have a perfect After Hours night laid out!) : )


Yay! I’m glad it worked out.


If you use the website you can still do both at the same time. Not sure if it will stay that way, but not on the app.