No Keys to the Kingdom during CL10+ weeks?

I was hoping to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour on January 5th. However, there are no slots available at all the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. I had assumed they just weren’t populated yet, but now January 9th is showing available. Do they not offer this tour during the peak holiday crowds? I cant imagine this tour selling out at 60+10, even on CL10 days. But maybe I’m way off on how popular it is.

I wonder if it’s not about CL as much as maybe staffing? I can imagine a lot of CMs would want the holiday weeks off. I don’t know what their commitment is in terms of holiday work requirement, but that’s where my mind went

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Good point. I had most of that day blocked off on my plan for this tour, so maybe I should come up with a backup in case it isn’t offered. I was SO looking forward to it. Super bummed… Maybe @ThorKat can sneak me into the utilidors for a minute


Just apply for a job! The first day of work is Traditions and you get paid to tour MK :grin:


:::applies for work at Disney with plans to quit after day 1:::

(Loophole Unlocked)


I plan to after my kids are out of the house. Shhhh… don’t tell DW


It was posted on chat that they start again on January 9th.

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Is that from an inside source or just that availability shows up again on Jan 9th?

Someone called after trying to book online. They were told it would not be available until the 9th. They wanted the 8th.

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Thanks, that seals the deal for me I guess. Epic disappointment… On the bright side, I have $130 to spend on something else! Now to figure out my plan for that day.