No Incredi Pass reservations available

Today I saw an email by Tom Bricker showing Incredi Pass calendars for May and June. We are only coming for 2 days in May and I chose May 10 as one of those days. Should I be concerned that it is blocked off as No Reservations available for Incredi Pass? Why is that day the only one like that in that week? Thanks, all you smart Disney Planner people!

Stalk the reservations page and you may get lucky.
But I would set up alternative plans just in case.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I made my park reservation already but I am not an Incredi Pass Holder. I am just wondering if I should choose the day before to visit AK and then park hop to MK instead of the 10th? Why is that day booked up? I thought I picked a day that would be low crowds. Not sure what impact this has on my choice.


Your question is about capacity?

I wouldn’t worry about that - all parks are available on the regular availability calendar.

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Thanks so much! I spent so much time trying to pick the perfect day and then was worried when I saw that Incredi Pass Schedule. Was ready to start changing ADRs etc. lol

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A good plan will trump crowds every time.

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I just don’t get early entry on that day, otherwise I have great plans! lol

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Tonight May 10th is showing full availability


That’s weird. Now I am totally confused.

Thanks for finding that for me. I appreciate you all! I only have been able to come a handful of times over the years, but every trip, you have been there for me. Some of you have been here for a very long time.


I read the Tom Bricker article again and if you click on Epcot it shows May 10 with no Incredi Pass reservations available. It seems to be something to do with AP previews of GotG? Can someone explain this to me? I haven’t paid attention to the AP stuff. Does this mean May 10th is a possible preview day of the new ride just for AP guests? I wanted to park hop from AK to EP this day but want to avoid something like this unless I am able to ride the ride too. lol (wishful thinking I know) I could easily change my park day to the 9th instead of the 10th. Sorry to be so paranoid but since we only have 2 days to visit, I want to pick the best days. We are visiting from Canada.

That is what it shows today, that was not what it showed yesterday when I took that screen shot. It shows full avalibity. It must come and go.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Previews are going to be going on all month, they are just limiting AP attendance. Have a good plan and you’ll be fine. I don’t think it will affect overall crowds that much.

Ok. Thanks again everyone.