No FP to FoP

Hey guys! My FB selections began last week! I was on top of it getting my selections the second I could and there were ZERO options for FoP. Is there an explanation? I’m staying on property so I should have had first selections, right?

I booked on Wednesday and could not get FOP FPP until day 7 for 4 people. Crazy! Today was actually supposed to be our FPP day, but I was hearing how bad availability was and booked an extra 3 days before trip just to open FPP early. Keep trying as people will change plans. Good luck!

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It’s just that popular right now. But keep trying; someone posted recently that they got one at 30 days…

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Also, the hours after mid October are much shorter! All summer AK was open from 8 am until 11pm. I am going in two weeks and the hours are 9-9:30. There are fewer FPs available with those hours.


You need to remember that your Day 1 is Days 2 through 10 for those people starting their stays before you, so you are never first in line unless you are making FPP selections for your Day 10.

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For this reason I’m glad I made AK my second to last day of my 8 day trip!

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Thanks everyone! I won’t give up!! I think(hope) my saving grace will be going on an EMH…I’ll report back on how that goes, in October!!

Same thing happened to me this morning for our Nov trip. So I can’t wait to hear your EMH strategy. Because I will copy your technique when we go!

@hall455 right now my touring plan has the wait at 47 mins getting there first thing EMH! Yikes,I’ll keep you posted!

It is not getting any better. Reached day 60 today for our January 2018 trip. Logged on at 6:05 AM central time and was able to score a FOP FP for 9 people on the 3rd day of trip, but earliest time available was 5:35 PM. Within 10 more minutes all FP were gone. Rearranged my touring plan to move all Pandora activity to end of day instead of beginning. Standby time for Na’vi is now listed at 65 minutes, and wait time for FOP is listed as 17 minutes even with the FP.

When are you going to NRJ? The wait times on plans for NRJ and FoP have not been right. You should plan NRJ at park opening?

I second @PrincipalTinker. Definitely still do nrj at ropedrop and then head back later for your fastpass. Enjoy everything else while everyone else is in those long lines in Pandora!

Recently @Brian was able to RD both FoP AND NRJ with no FP in sight. His video was really helpful to me:

Anyone have his same experience?

I Ubered to AK and was there closer to the front. Although I loaded FoP before 9:00 I entered the line for NRJ when it was posted at 25 minutes. I timed that wait and I was in that line for 75 minutes. Sometimes NRJ builds fast and that part of the plan falls apart.

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Damn. 75 minutes for NRJ at park opening.

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Yup, I promised my 84 year old dad I would do it so I could report back. He wants to do it during his February trip but would not try without a report. I did do an "actual " time for Touring Plans so I didn’t mind.

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