No FastPasses?

I’m making my touring plan for AK. Going in September at what TP rates as a 5/10 CL for AK. I’ve tried various times for using FP+ for KS, KRR, and EE. I have a “break” scheduled at opening for 15 minutes because DD8 wants to do Wilderness Explorers & TP puts that mid-day as 25 minutes. I also have an ADR at TH at 10:40. I have my pace set as very relaxed to allow time for WE. My problem is that it will not let me put ANY FP’s in. It just keeps taking them out saying it saves more time. Looking at my TP, there aren’t really long waits… is this accurate?? It doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

If it’s a slow day, then you won’t need to use your FPs for certain rides.
I had FPs at MK when we went in Feb and got to the ride and there was no wait - so I entered the regular line and just swapped the FP for something else via the app on my phone.
If the TP doesn’t think you need any FPs, just keep whatever you have booked and swap them out as necessary.

If you want to keep them in the touring plan, you need to “evaluate” instead of optimizing. Evaluate will leave everything in the order you have it, as well as your FPs in place, and tell you how long it will take to do each thing.

Is there anything you might want to do twice? I would schedule my EE FP around the time I was scheduled to ride. I would also just keep the FOs. You never know when your plan may go way off (I experienced an unexpected 9:15 thunder storm in AK that shut just about everything down since you could not walk).

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