No fastpass availability for Fairytale Hall

I made fastpasses for our trip after Thanksgiving today and the only one that I wasn’t able to get was the Cinderella meet and greet. It says that there are no more available for both Cinderella and Rapunzel and it’s still 65 days out. Does anyone know if this is typical or is something going on the week after Thanksgiving where these wouldn’t be available.

Unless my google skills are lacking, the only thing I found was a comment on a blog with someone having the same issue, no information on why though.

It’s possible that people with longer stays have taken them all already, but that would be Frozen Princesses-level of FastPass unavailability. I think it’s something else, and here’s why:

The Touring Plans FastPass+ Availability calendar shows plenty of availability up to November 20th, and then nothing on the 21st and after:

That looks like something other than everybody deciding they need to see Cindy and Rapunzel all of a sudden. I think I read recently that Elena (the new Princess from Latin America) is going to be meeting at Princess Fairytale Hall; maybe that’s what’s causing this lack of availability. Or it’s a refurb that’s not announced yet, or something else.

I agree with this…it just doesn’t sound right.

Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll keep watch for any changes in fastpass availability or information about changes to the attraction.

I had the same issue with 7DMT a few weeks ago but then they appeared a day later. I would check again daily to see if they added them. Like everyone else, I’m at a loss as to why this happens but it seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

Someone just told me that recently at their 60 day mark they couldn’t get 7DMT but then a couple days later it appeared and they got it! Keep checking.

I had the same problem from the same week. I wonder what is changing. I am not sure where else to meet Rapunzel. If it opens up…please let me know!

I heard guesses that it was because of another princess change up…maybe Elena meet is being added? I hope it is all worked out before my fastpass day on Oct 12! Good luck, keep us updated on it you get them.

I think I heard something about Elena…which we really don’t care about, just want to get a Rapunzel m&g! We’ll see several princesses at our Akershus lunch on Epcot day but I don’t know where else to see Punzie.

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This hasn’t changed as of this morning when we booked our fast passes. Hopefully it isn’t a refurb and they are just changing the lineup or it is a glitch.

I was hoping this would be cleared up by now…my fastpass day is Tuesday. :frowning:

These have just been added again with the inclusion of Elena so head on over!

Got one for Cinderella and Elena at the exact time we wanted it!!!

Just checked them and was able to book both, thanks for the update.

I just got one for Rapunzel/Tiana about 10 minutes ago for the day I was looking for, there were time slots all day available!