No FastPass+7DMT available on a predicted crowd level 5

Hi All,
Type A Mom here planning the upcoming WDW trip with Grandma, DD5 DD6 and DH on April 23rd, which is CL5 day according to the Crowd Calendar here on TP. However, even though most popular attractions have an average wait of 7-20 min, 7DMT starts out with 29 mins around 9:25 and rises until about 51 mins around noon. I could get, and did get FP for some of the more popular attractions even though the wait times weren’t at all crazy or anything, however no FP+ were available for 7DMT, until 4 pm! Please help me figure out how to interpret this and what some good options are. Btw we have an 8:25 ADR for BOG.
Thanks in advance!
Soooooo excites, DD5 & DD6 first time at WDW!!! :smile:

If you have an 8:25 Adr, and park opens at 9, go early, be seated early, and then get on 7d before rope drop crowds are there.

7DMT is still very popular, so both the long wait times and the lack of FPP until 4pm are very typical. However, your BOG ADR before the 9am open that day will get you several rides on it before the rope drop crowds get there. All pre-rope drop ADR’s are let in at 7:45am, regardless of the time on your ADR, and you will head to BOG. Get checked in (remember to pre order your food so you don’t have to wait in the long line). You will be done eating by 8:30 or so, and then are free to go line up for 7DMT (there will be a line forming around the edge of 7DMT, once they start running the cast member will walk you to the actual ride). We just did this in January, they were delayed a little in opening as it was raining, but once they opened the ride was walk on. We only rode once because the pelting rain made the ride not much fun, but easily could have ridden another time or two before the rope drop crowds got there. We rode Peter Pan instead, again no line.

Thanks @seebee and @Wahoohokie! Sounds good to me, I forgot you can pre-order at BOG, so will get on that to save additional time!

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Remember to go earlier than 8:25 as well!

Yep, gonna aim for 8:00-ish

My family and I will be there the same day as you! Super jealous you booked your FP already, I’m counting down the days until I can book ours since we are staying off site. :slight_smile: I’d take the 4PM 7DMT as a back up and you can always check back and try to get in earlier?


I’m surprised you couldn’t get a FPP. Have you taken the later FPP and then looked for earlier ones? That’s what I did and was able to get an early FPP. Okay, it was just after opening, but then I didn’t have to stand in line and I had a whole hour to use it.

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@Ariadne Actually I did not, but I will give it go and see, thanks!