No Fast Passes Available

Logged in at 7am eastern. 60 days out. Tried for FP+ ‘Millennium Falcon’ and ‘M2R2’ at exactly the instant the window opened. Nothing available. This doesn’t even seem possible. How can they all be gone at 7am 60 days out? No times available all day. Doesn’t seem logical.

This website is great for seeing FPP availability:

MFSR and MMRR are two of the most popular rides at HS. It in not uncommon for the more popular rides to not have any availability until 60+4 or even later than that.


Agree with Kerrilux.

Would recommend trying to swap days around if possible so that your HS day is 60+max. The further into your trip it is the better your chances, though still no guarantee.


People can book FPs for 14 days ahead of their arrival date. So those arriving 2 weeks before you have already had first dibs at your first day.

Also just a reminder of the tiers at DHS. Tier 1 covers MFSR, MMRR and Slinky. You can only choose one of these to book in advance.

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This is an issue that people have been reporting. I do mine on Friday so I’ll report back. My trip is 9 days, so we’ll see. Either they are releasing fewer FPs or there is a glitch or something. Something is definitely going on.


My FP day was this morning. Even for 60+ 5-8, I saw very little availability, only late afternoon/evening for headliners. I think Disney is releasing fewer FPs or everyone who was booked for March/April has rebooked for June. Either way, I realize that June is probably a no-go, so I’m not going to drive myself crazy over the bad FP times :frowning:

I wonder if they are releasing fewer FPs because they are expecting to limit capacity at the start. Less people, less FPs required.

Morning Guys! I wanted to follow up on this thread to share my personal fastpass availability experience.
So this morning was my Fastpass day. I refreshed right at 7am. By 7:12am I had fastpasses for my whole stay…however, this was mainly because I was so limited. For example, on my HS day at 60+3 (couldn’t push it back any further) then every single Tier 1 attraction was gone, as was all of Toy Story land attractions. The only Tower of Terror fastpasses started at 5pm and went later. For Animal Kingdom FOP was nonexistent and Navi’s earliest fastpasses were at 4:15pm. Kilimanjaro Safaris earliest fastpass was 1pm. I have never seen fastpasses so limited before in all the trips I have gone on. Just to experiment, I tried to move my AK day to the end of the trip, but saw pretty much the same limitations. Epcot was much, much better and I saw a full range of fastpass times for Test Track, Soarin, and Frozen Ever After and Magic Kingdom was about what I am used to and even still had several available options for SDMT. Found it really odd that two parks were so limited while the other two seemed what you would typically see for 60 days+ for headliners. I had looked on “The Dibb” yesterday to get an idea of what to expect and between that and all the reports of limited fastpass availability, I had prepared myself. I also am doing this as a solo trip, so when I was looking, it was for fastpasses for 1 person. I was kinda hoping to find that one tiny spot left, hehe!
My trip is June 17th and I have not given up quite yet on it. I figure if it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t happen, but if Disney does do something different then I kinda think it would be cool to be able to say down the line that you were there for it! As long as your expectations are realistic, I think it could still be an amazing trip.


Same issues here, was not able to get MMRR at 60+6. I am not too upset as I do not expect the trip to actually happen… I probably could have tried splitting our group and such, but my heart was not really in it.

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I have a makeup trip scheduled in late June which may or may not happen-but due to the scarcity of fast passes I used the technique which shall not be named to book my FPP early. I’ve never done it before, but the certainty of otherwise not getting any HS Tier 1’s over a 5-day trip despite staying onsite sealed the deal for me. I really wish WDW would explain what is going on so we could all decide whether and how we need to adjust our plans accordingly.