No fast pass recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions about touring plans/fast passes. I’m going with my husband and kids (5&9) for the first time in July. I started with the 2 day MK Touring Plan for young children and have started editing. We are taking out the long mid-day break because we can’t make it to 10pm both nights we we are going to cut out earlier than that the first night.

  1. For the first day, there were no fast pass suggestions made. A few of the things had 45min waits so I added proposed fast passes for those (I can book in May but want to know what I"m going to do well before that). One of the ones I didn’t add was Enchanted Tales with Belle and it’s saying a 13 min wait at 1:50pm. Is that realistic? In the blurb at the top, it suggested using a Fast Pass for that but not when it came down to it.

  2. For my day 2, there are no fast pass recommendations at all and no wait longer than 15 min. Is that realistic?

I’m new to all this, so thanks for your help.

In my exprerience the wait times were fairly accurate. That said, make the FPs! I would make the Enchanted Tales FP unless there are 3 rides you definitely want to do more. For your day 2, make FPs for your top 3 faves. Why wait 15 mins if you don’t have to?

Don’t completely discount going out in the evening. I have a 4, 7, and 9 yr old. For our first trip I thought no way we would go to any of the night shows. I decided that we would try it for a couple of the nights. They did great and it was an amazing experience! We took a break in the hotel from about 3pm-6pm. We were back and in bed by 10:30ish. It really wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be.

When you take one of the ready-made plans and Optimize it, the recommended FP times in the blurb often do not apply. Go with what the Optimizer says.

Thanks! I was absolutely going to make the FPs but don’t know where since I"m not getting any recommendations. The three I’m planning are Peter Pan, Seven Dwarfs and Splash Mountain because they had the longest wait times without them. If I use one for Belle, I’d be adding wait times I think. For our second MK day, I don’t have any idea what rides to use them on…I’m assuming I’m going to optimize closer to the day, but will it change by May?

We aren’t entirely discounting evenings but they will be more play-it-by ear…and we are planning the MK fireworks etc for our last night with a close eye on the weather in case we need to go before then.

That’s what I thought, except that it’s not recommending any. For a day in July, I really don’t need any Fastpasses?

Are you able post your plans, and then the hive can make suggestions as we see it?

How do I do that?

For magic kingdom I would also suggest making fastpasses for 9, 10 and 11 as then you can pick up more fastpasses that day for pots of rides. I think Peter pan, 7dwarfs, and splash are good choices for day 1.

In your plan at the top there is a button that lets your plans be public and also you to post them so we can see and give advice.

Open your plan. Click on “EDIT”. Then click the “Publish this Plan” box. Then click “SAVE”. Then copy the URL link and paste and reply here.

Thanks! I just looked at that. What all will you be able to see? I have dinner reservation confirmation numbers etc that I don’t really want published…

Good question. I have never added my own notes on these plans. I just tried adding a fake conf# and it DOES show. Hey @admin, is this perhaps something you guys can look at… make it so that published plans don’t show notes.

In the meantime, you could remove that info temporarily and re-save it, then do the steps to publish.

I find that If I don’t Tell it how many fast passes I’ll get it doesn’t always fill that section out. Do that in advance settings, save, and then try optimizing again.

I saw that, filled it in and still got none (I think). I’ll edit my plans to remove confirmations tomorrow and add the links. Kids are home now and we haven’t told them yet.

With 2 days in MK I would FPP PP, ETWB 7DMT, Splash, BTMR, and one other. I think you are right to keep evenings flexible, plan your mornings, make ADR’s for lunch and then see how everyone feels.

Ok, here are my plans so far…suggestions welcome and appreciated :slight_smile: A few things:

-my girls scare easily and pirates seem to cause stress (?!) so we are skipping pirate things and dark things
-we have ADR’s for the table service places, we are not convinced on Mama Melrose but the others are not changing
-the recommendation seems to be a 3pm FP for Peter Pan. Doesn’t that then prevent booking any same day FPPs until the end of the day? Is that a good idea?
-since the FPP’s are just conjecture at this point (I can book mid May), I took them out while you all (please) critique the plan. I’ll put them back in when I’m more clear on what I want to do.
-our flight to Orlando gets in around 10am. We are planning a ‘play it by ear’ half day at Epcot with a late day FP to the Frozen Ever After in case of delays. It’s our only must do there.
-we are also doing Animal Kingdom but I haven’t done much with that one so far
-we are very much ok with free time in the plan, although if we do end up with a huge gap somewhere, we may change our leaving time and head back to the hotel for some pool time
-still deciding on Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique before Cinderella’s Royal Table on the last night
-Hubby is going to choose one Star Wars thing that the rest of us need to tolerate (haha) at HS, I know that day doesn’t seem very full yet. Might be a dinner at the resort and pool in the late afternoon/evening…or we could head to a diff park to do something we didn’t have time for earlier.

MK Day 1
MK Day 2

Thanks so much everyone!

@AKF76- I’m a really “keep it simple” kind of person. So I’m just looking @1st MK day right now.

According to what @brklinck says, premade plans don’t give advice re which fpps to get. OK.

So, just looking at your PTP, I see that 7Ds, Splash, Peter Pan have the longest waits. This is pretty much the usual setup for MK. So these will be your fpps. I would get them 9am-10am-11am, so that you can get more fpps after.

7Ds is the hardest to get @MK, but you can plug that in as 9am for now. then PPan, then Splash I’d say. Just be prepared for no 7Ds fpp that day.

What I’ve done is gotten 7Ds for another later MK day. But if that’s a really important ride to your kiddos, you can certainly RD it. That said, be prepared to be at rope for Fantasyland well b4 9am RD. I’m hearing the RDers for 7Ds are lining up there b4 8:30 or earlier.

BTW, if the fpps you try for aren’t exactly the times you’re planning for on your TP, that’s not a problem. Just redo the TP accordingly, evaluate and you should be all set.

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Now I’m looking at your 2nd MK day.

Was surprised when you said no long lines that day for anything. Now I can see reason, that all those are rides that rarely have lines. Which is fine, since those are the rides that you want.

Now is the time for me to go into one of my fave rants. Haha. I’ve been to Dis with my children & now with my children & my grands. We take the break, take the break. Especially if you’re planning to spend any evening in parks with your kiddos.

To go from early morning RD to end of night in park, well, actually I don’t think you’ll last that long til the end. But you may find it’s a rough afternoon in the hot & steamy July day as well. End of rant.

Just looked at you magic kingdom plan… One question…did you want to catch the parade? It’s pretty great and a great way to see lots of characters. It’s at 3:00 so if you didn’t take a break on day 5 that could be a good time to sit and have a snack and watch the parade (get a spot early and go to the shade side)
My suggestions for fastpass

For day 1 my fastpasses would be 9:00 seven dwarfs 10:00 enchanted tales and 11:00 splash and move peter pan to day 2 as you have most of popular rides on day 1

For day 2…i would get 9:00 buzz, peter pan 10, favorite coaster or princess meet for 11

Some same day fastpassses I easily found at magic kindgom were small world, barnstormer, dumbo, mad tea party, and magic carpets so if they have a long line in the morning I would wait til you finish you first 3 fastpasses and can pick up a same day fastpass.

You have a great start!

Perhaps I was not clear here. The pre-made plans generally do give FPP recommendations in the notes - for example, the time honored Magic Kingdom Unofficial Guide Adult One-Day Touring Plan says to get the following FPPs:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train=9:00 AM
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad=10 AM
  • Peter Pan’s Flight=11 AM

However, these are generic recommendations to fit any day, any CL. Once you make that plan a personalized TP and optimize it for your specific park day, you will usually find that these are not the most beneficial FPPs based on the touring order that the Optimizer has found.