No evening shows?

I have an 8 night holiday booked in September. Looking at the calendar I’m seeing that HS will be closing at 8pm each day, and AK at 7pm. (No evening MH)

Will that mean that RoL won’t be happening in AK at all? (due to it being still daylight at that time?)
Will that also mean that it’s too light for Fantasmic in HS and the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular?

Neither are showing show times for these events but I’m also presuming that it’s too early in the year for that?

Given that I need to make our ADR in 10 days I need to at least plan which park we’re going to each day but without show times or confirmations it’s quite difficult :confused:

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This is a holding time. Hours change a lot in 6 months. Best to look at historical times from last year for shows that were running. No one really know until wdw release official times. Not much help I know. I would break the “rules” and book extra adrs to give you flexibility. Try booking dining packages for ROL etc . Fantasmic can run at 8 pm in September as it does get dark about then but it might be be 8.30.

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Yes. @mumcalsop is exactly right. It’s a wait-and-see scenario. Book extra ADRs to cover alternative days, and make your final decisions once the schedule solidifies. It might be as late as May or June.