No crowd predictor for Volcano Bay?

Why isn’t there a crowd calendar for Volcano Bay? I am trying to figure out what day of the week to go there during our trip Oct 6 - Oct 9 and this site says “no prediction.” Frustrating. Especially bc there are weird predictions for Universal and IOA on those days (one day is a 2 and one day is a 9) which must have something to do with Horror Nights or …something? Fall school breaks? So we are trying to figure out which of the three parks is best on which day. Any historical data somewhere else?

Can you find the cost of a Volcano Bay Cabana for those dates? I found that to be Universal’s predictor: very high during higher crowds $199-249 during lower crowds? I don’t know if I would ever depend on a water part crowd prediction- it is so dependent on weather.

Yes, I would expect HHN to impact crowds, especially over the weekends.

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I know HHN impacts crowds but Sat and Sun are predicted to be 2 and 3 levels at Universal, and it is a TUESDAY, when there is no HHN, that is predicted to be a 9. So we are trying to figure out what is going on for that day - and whether we should bail on original plans and go to Volcano Bay on Tuesday.
I know you cant predict crowds bc weather affects things, but odd Touringplans doesnt have any data to show

I believe the crowd theory regarding HHN would be the same as Magic Kingdom on a non party night during party season? Everyone that does not want to go to HHN will go on the non HHN night?

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I just looked and there are not any crowd predictions for the Disney water parks either.

That makes sense now. Thanks so much!