No Category 2 for Hoop Dee Doo?

Just booked Hoop Dee Doo for 1st week in January and there was no category 2 available. Surely this is not already fully booked? Is there some refurb going on? Anyone have insight?

So I was trying to book for 1 person, with no category 2 availability. But, when I try booking for 2 people, there is availability. Is there any reason why they wouldn’t allow a single person in category 2? If I book for 2, but only 1 shows up, am I still charged for both? I’m assuming this is a yes.

I would think so… it’s pre pay right?

Yeah it sure is. I wonder if I book category 2 for 2 people then modify it to one. I’ll try that.

This is an instance where I would call to make the reservation rather than try to make the online system do something they are trying to prevent.

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@TheProphetPaul. is this an additional trip or are you rescheduling October trip

Solo trip in January to run the Dopey Challenge

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