No availability at beach club October 18, is this normal?

Hi, I recommended the beach club to my friend who is coming over in October 18 but there is already no availability, she even phoned the hotel to double check. Whilst I am gutted for her I am also selfishly thinking of myself :grinning: as I want to go back in October 19 and am now worried how difficult it will be to get a room at the beach club. Does anyone have any idea why the beach club is already full for oct 18?

No I really don’t and I believe if you keep an eye out you will see some appear maybe later in the year. I would suggest though to contact MVT (Magical Vacations Travel), and tell the agent what you are looking for. You may be in for a big surprise to see their quotes around this time of the year. Doesn’t hurt to check.

Has the food and wine festival started yet?

How many nights? I just looked for Oct 18, and 1, 2, and 3 nights all had three categories to choose from.

You really can’t call the hotel. All calls go through the call center and many times it is someone contracted to answer that phone. Try again!