No AM fast passes avail at HS

Not sure what’s going on but we were on MDE early once they release the FastPass 30 days out and I have no attractions to choose from till 12:30 and on. There is no AM FastPass for any show, attraction on any tier. This seems to be an error. If this is the case our first fast pass starts at 3:50 pm! And we have no earlier choices for anything. Anyone know what’s going on?

Have you checked this site to see what FPP are available for your travel dates? I believe from helping you previously you are going 3/9/20

Make sure to look for the tiny “M” / “A” / “E” symbols for morning / afternoon / evening availability.

Then there is something wrong because I have no options to choose for any other attraction or show in the am that day.

Have you tried searching by exact times on MDE? I find looking for “morning” sometimes doesn’t display all results.

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Yes have hit every morning hour and afternoon. Every couple mins. Since this AM and no times have changed. I have not seen ANY AM slots.

Is the dibb not tracking the other HS rides? I’ve never seen them have the other rides on their page.

I’m not looking for any tier 1 stuff. I’m look at everything else. Thing is avail in the AM.

According to the Dibb, that is correct. There are no morning fast pass times for any rides/shows for Hollywood Studios on 3/9/2020

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Sometimes those just sell out. Maybe you can choose the strategy of RD and then having things booked later.

This is probably tied into the madness from the weekend - they seem to have pulled all the pre-noon FPPs for the first week (and, I guess, a few more days) in March. The theory is that it’s to try to balance out all the extra anytime FPPs that got handed out when the system went berserk.


Oh wow, interesting. I have been checking like crazy and zip before noon for 3/6 or 7

This is for 3/13

Our first fast pass is at 3:55. Not even worth going to HS if I can’t even choose anything sooner. No ToT, RR, no AM shows… Noth one thing. I think it’s a glitch

I’m still seeing weirdness on 3/23 at MK. Not a single attraction has Fastpasses in the 6-8pm span. All sorts of other times are available for the day so why nothing in those two hours? Glitch? I could kind of see it happening if we were within the 30 day window but unless there are a ton of people booking 10+ day trips, it feels odd.