NJEA discounted tickets

Hi from two NJ teachers planning our first trip to Disney. I used to see a good discount for us NJEA members – and now I cannot find it online. It basically gave us the parkhopper option free – now I can only find Disney Tickets through Plum Benefits online for our NJEA group. Anyone else have any discounts you found for NJEA or NEA for that matter?

I’m not familiar with the NJEA tickets, but in general I have found that any of the work related tickets seem like a good deal until you factor in the additional costs that they do not initially quote you. After you add in the fees, shipping, etc, their prices are usually higher than brokers like UT.


I’ve noticed that too, my wife is a teacher in Wisconsin and was all excited about some WEA member benefit discounts until looking at all the fees. They actually ended up being $5 or so more expensive than UT tix for similar dates. Gotta watch those fees!