Nightmare! (No. Seriously.)

Last night I had one of those nightmares about our Walt Disney World.

Actually, it started out quite positively. I had already obtains all our FPs, and even managed to secure FPs for FOP for everyone the morning of our first day.

But then, everything starting going downhill. Because it was 10:30 am when I made that FP reservation…but as we prepared to leave, everyone kept taking so long, and it was after 1:00 before we were walking out the door (a weird hotel that was a mix of Motel Six and the Grand Floridian). But as we were going, I realized that we had never bothered to link our MagicBands to the accounts. We rushed back to the room and there was mass confusion as to who had what MagicBand. And then when we tried to add them, MDE wouldn’t allow us.

It was at this point I realized that it wouldn’t let us link our MagicBands because we didn’t have our TICKETS linked yet either! (How I managed to secure FPs is unclear…ask my subconscious.)

So, first had to link the tickets in MDE…which was taking forever because we kept making mistakes entering numbers. Finally, we managed to get everything set up. Or so we thought.

When we got to the park, even though it let us all in, for whatever reason, two of the FPs didn’t link for two of us. After some argument with the CM, he managed to let us get in line (for a ride that doesn’t actually exist in WDW), but that we had to have the issue resolved before we got to the second tap style.

So, our group was now split, but we wanted to ride together. We worked feverishly to get the FP issue fixed, and managed to just before the tap style. And when we tapped in, it detected that two people had tapped in here but not at the FIRST tap style. As a result, we were being accused of being line jumpers and so were ALL kicked out of line.

From that point, my dream turned more fuzzy and I don’t remember details except that nothing seemed to be going our way.

I was glad when I woke up…but then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I started thinking through all the things I still have to do BEFORE our trip (which isn’t until May!).


It’s very early for those kind of nightmares! I only had 3 or 4 before our August trip. I had loads before the previous one!

That’s pretty wild.

I’ve never had any nightmares about my planning going awry. The planning helps stop the anxiety for me.

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Your subconcious mind is apparently tallying all the things you do to make your trips go smoothly. When I was younger I would have similar dreams before a trip. Mine were more like I was getting off a plane somewhere in the Caribbean and realized I had only packed wool business suits.

That is definitely a weird combination!

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It’s kind of like the dream where you enroll in a class in college, but don’t drop it, only to find out you got an F in the class when the final grades come out.

Except this is Disney World, so it’s much more important. :rofl::rofl:


I don’t even have a trip planned, and I have some weird Disney dreams. I dreamt we were going on some ride that was kind of like CoP but not quite…and the whole ride was operated by a cord that was just plugged into an outlet on the floor. My son unplugged it and the whole ride stopped. :flushed: I don’t even want to ask my subconscious what that means.

I’m pretty sure that could all actually happen. Disney IT is that messed up.
oh wait, I’m not helping am I?

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That happened to me on the horse in front of Walmart.

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