Nightime Entertainment

I’m trying to plan my Jan 1-9 trip to WDW and haven’t been able to find out what time (if any) firework shows will be at HS during this time period. I would also like to know if there will be an evening show at AK during our trip. Any information would be appreciated!

I’m sure that they will still be showing Jingle Bell Jingle BAM at DHS at the beginning of your trip, but not sure how long into it it will run. The SW fireworks are supposed to return after the Holidays, but there has been no info released as to when.

ROL at AK is the million dollar question. There are strong rumors that it will officially open sometime in Dec, but there have been no official announcements from Disney. There is a CM preview scheduled for tonight (Sunday) - those of us following the “insider” boards are waiting with baited breath.

Thanks for the feedback! :blush: Yes I would assume that Jingle Bam would go into January too, but there are no dates/times scheduled yet for either Jingle Bam or Star Wars fireworks for that week making it difficult to plan. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a successful ROL run through tonight!

There have been several threads about the nighttime showtimes at Hollywood. They release the times later for whatever reason - probably because of the balancing act with the fireworks and Fantasmic. Just keep checking, don’t stress out. When the dates/times are released, you’ll be able to figure your planning jigsaw puzzle out.

Unneeded stress, sure, but whaddya gonna do?

If you wanna be a TP warrior - make your contingency plans for if they announce it for each day of the week of your trip. Just kidding. Don’t stress out though. They’ll announce the dates/times, and life will go on. Even if they can’t do a showing of either during your trip - maybe because of the transition from JBJB back to SW, don’t sweat it. Sure, it might suck, but you’ll be just fine.

You are so right! I did try to make a different tp for each day, but then soon realized that was impossible due to ADRs, fast passes etc… Your advice is good, and I know we’ll have a great time regardless. :blush: