Night of Joy questions and schedule

I am looking for as much info as possible on night of Joy. I need the schedule of who is playing on what stage and when, which food places are open. No sit down food options are available.

I don't see any info for this year. Here's @pirategirl007's blog with info from the past. May be helpful. They have a list of who is playing each night on this website.

Thanks everyone I have seen those websites, but I am looking for specifics on which stage at what time. That info doesn't seem available. Maybe it's not out yet.

What you can do, if you're down a day or two before, is swing by Guest Relations and ask for a times guide for the event. That would list both the concert times/locations and what's open. The other thing you might do is go to the web sites of each individual band and see if they've got their own schedule listed.

Here ya go!

Thanks @Pod!

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Another question...will they have stroller rental at MK that evening? Anyone want to to guess!

I'm pretty sure stroller rentals would be available those evenings. They have them for MNSSHP and MVMCP, so I don't see why not for NOJ. smile

Had no kiddos with us last time but the last time we did (not mine) 04 or 05 they gave us strollers for free.