Nickelodeon Universe

Has anybody been to Nickelodean Universe in East Rutherford, NJ…and if so any comments on this place? Will be visiting in-laws in NJ in April and figured my 5 and 6 year olds would enjoy. Thanks.

I’ve not been there, but I’m bumping this so others might see this. I know there are people on here that hail from the east coast who might be able to comment.

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I haven’t been there but have seen a number of good YouTube videos reviewing it. There’s a lot of variable pricing based on both the day you go and the time of day that you go. It can be surprisingly expensive. The roller coasters are good but not everything is always running. Once you’re in that area, you can’t leave and return. I believe that’s a challenge if you get hungry. For more information, try a few YouTube reviews. I hope that gets you started.