Niagara Falls, New York side

Has anyone been to the U.S. side of Niagara Falls in the last month or so? We are thinking of taking our kids for a day trip (it is just a four hour drive, yet they’ve never been…) and are happy to just walk through the state park if the observation area is too crowded. I would like to see the falls lit up at night, though. I’m interested in knowing what others experienced there as far as safety precautions and crowd levels, what attractions we can expect to avoid altogether etc.

We’re just looking to get out of the house for a day before school starts, and maybe see something different. We’ve been in total isolation all summer, with the exception of nearby nature trails. I think my kids would really be amazed by the falls, but I am really nervous about not knowing how many people have been going. All I can find are reports from the Canadian side, and we obviously can’t go there (our state was just taken off the list that has to quarantine 14 days when visiting New York!) We would stay overnight in a hotel somewhere near the falls. We’re planning on going next week.

*edited because, can you even see the falls lit up at night from the U.S. side? I don’t even know LOL