NHL teams compared to Disney attractions

Don’t know a lot about hockey but if you’re into hockey AND Disney, this article is for you!


Definitely will check this out later!!

27. Philadelphia Flyers

Previous ranking: 22
Points percentage: 0.471
Next seven days: @ BOS (Jan. 13), vs. NYR (Jan. 15), @ NYI (Jan. 17), vs. NYI (Jan. 18)

Pirates of the Caribbean . They look like the rapscallion, lawless bullies that we see menacing people in the history books. Yet this version is inherently nonthreatening.

…yeah, that tracks. This list is accurate.



The Tiki Room?

I mean, I love the Tiki Room but… I was thinking of something with a little more power and force.

To give them Tiki because Tuuka can is definitely groan-worthy.


surprisingly good list! I don’t follow all of the teams, but the ones I do know something about, it did fit well!
My favorite "Oh snap!

26. Chicago Blackhawks

Previous ranking: 27
Points percentage: 0.431
Next seven days: vs. MTL (Jan. 13), vs. ANA (Jan. 15), @ SEA (Jan. 17)

Splash Mountain . For a few reasons, but we’ll go with that whole “undergoing a five-story drop after being at the top of the mountain.”


Ouch! :joy::joy:

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The author knows their Disney. Gotta think there are some people reading asking “what’s the enchanted Tiki room?”

Also, nice crossover synergy between ESPN/Disney. #makethatmoney

Could also add “You’ll also wait a very long time [in line] to end up being disappointed at conclusion.”

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I’m not a churros fan, but I do like the Canes ranking. :heart: :black_heart:

1. Carolina Hurricanes

Previous ranking: 1
Points percentage: 0.758
Next seven days: vs. CBJ (Jan. 13), vs. VAN (Jan. 15), @ BOS (Jan. 18)

Churros . They’re not always right in front of you. You have to know where to find them. But once you do, the variety of flavors and the absolute sugar high you get from them makes churros better than anything else in the park.


They definitely captured the groan worthy puns of Tiki. ba-dum :drum:

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Omg this was a great read! Hard to pick a favorite as sooo many were spot on.

8. St. Louis Blues

Previous ranking: 8
Points percentage: 0.652
Next seven days: vs. SEA (Jan. 13), vs. TOR (Jan. 15), vs. NSH (Jan. 17)

Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade . The ideal spot for the NHL’s sixth-best offensive team this season (3.44 goals per game) as well as Ryan O’Reilly’s beard.


Blues fan here!! LGB!!

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Better not let Gritty find out he is 27th! F#@% Around and find out.


LGB!! :blue_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart:

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:joy::joy: I loved reading this. So much fun!! So many laughs.

Home team, great pick:


That was one of my favorites!

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