News and Tips for SW:GE

Some good info on touring SW:GE from TPG:


Good run-down of the land & how the first day went. However, I would NOT rope drop Galaxy’s Edge based on yesterday’s experience. That’s when the lines for GE were the worst (180 min for MF:SmR) and the lines in all the rest of the park were DEAD. For example, 10 min. posted wait at Peter Pan’s which is usually a 30-40 min wait instantly & stays steady all day but yesterday it took until almost an hour after park opening to get to 25 min then a little bit later 30 min. That’s unheard of. And Hyperspace Mtn was 10-20 min. for a lot of that time as well. Those are very, very low waits.

Conversely, in the last hour of park opening the waits for MF:SmR were 15-20 min. & after 5pm there was no more virtual queue to enter the land. It could’ve been than yesterday was a rush for the bloggers in the AM and that created an inflated first day demand, but if that trend continues, I would avoid GE at rope drop & instead RD the rest of the park but get a Cantina reservation for late afternoon/evening to enjoy Battuu with lower crowds and shorter lines. Also, speaking of the Cantina the no-show fee is $10/person not just $10 as stated in the article.