Newbie Week trip in May - Schedule thoughts?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are going to WDW for the week beginning 16 May '20. We are both quasi - first timers (we have each been before, but as small children with none of the responsibilities of planning…). We are taking a day to try Universal Studios (both parks if possible).

Husband is a huge Star Wars fan. We are staying at Yacht Club for easy(er) access to DHS and Epcot food.

Here are our day to day thoughts at the moment, but would be happy for any input:

Saturday (16 May): Arrival day - flying internationally so no plans
Sunday (17 May): Magic Kingdom (aiming for Crystal Palace breakfast if possible, as am huge Eeyore fan)
Monday (18 May): Epcot
Tuesday (19 May): Hollywood Studios
Wednesday (20 May): Universal
Thursday (21 May): Animal Kingdom
Friday (22 May): essentially pick-a-park (we will probably use this for DHS overrun as Husband would like to try the lightsaber build; and then hop to MK after a break as I am hoping for BOG dinner on this day, but won’t cry without it)
Saturday (23 May): Water Park & Dinner at Epcot in the evening

I think the aim is rope drop most mornings & aim for a midday break (certainly on DHS & Epcot days where we will be closer) before heading back out for the evening. Does this sound workable?

I think this sounds very good. I like that you will be doing mid-day breaks. I think that is an essential part of the trip since you won’t have a break day in the middle.

I love your idea about Crystal Palace breakfast; it’s my favorite meal and one of my favorite restaurants. Eeyore is my favorite as well.

Do you fly home on the 24th?

Yes, the plan is to fly back on Sunday (will likely be afternoon).

I am already starting to get so excited! Will keep everyone updated as things firm up :slight_smile:

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An afternoon flight sounds awesome! You’d have time to go to have a breakfast at a nearby restaurant before you leave.

Another quick question - how late do you think we would be able to push dinner (TS, but not signature) if we wanted to see fireworks at DHS - we are currently thinking SciFi if we can get it!

I don’t really know. Dinners take a long time for us, and I don’t know what time the fireworks start. We didn’t go to any last visit. Our trip in 2017, we had a very late SciFi dinner that we went to and when we got out, the park was closed and empty. It was kind of neat. I don’t think we saw the fireworks then.

Schedule sounds good/doable, but my advice is to wait until hours and EMH are released to pick your parks.

We’re not finalizing anything just yet - this is mostly to get a sense. Do you know how far in advance (ballpark) they usually release hours / EMH?

180 days officially I think. But TP usually has it predicted pretty accurately a bit sooner than that.