Newbie TP questions

So is it better to create a personalized plan or one already made?

Just want to make sure I understand the personalized… I just pick everything we want to do and it tells me when to do it and what to get FP for?

Personalized plans are great! I think it’s worth the time to make a plan that’s just right for your preferences.

Personalized plans take into account the date you are visiting for park hours, crowd levels, and attractions closed for refurbishment. You can add or drop attractions depending on what you like to do - or even do them multiple times (like after dark). You can adjust the walking speed for your style. Definitely more useful!

I love personalized plans. Leaves out the attractions we aren’t interested in, and optimizes it for the crowd level on the day you’ll be there (just be sure to optimize before you get to the park)

I always started with one of the pre-made plans, just to have a bunch of the rides already in the plan without needing to repeatedly “add” from the drop-down boxes. Then I personalized it by deleting, adding other stuff in, re-ordering, optimizing, evaluating, etc. So kind of a mix of both?