Newbie Stroller Question

Newbie here. Are you allowed to bring a stroller through any of the queues? Or is it always that you have to park the stroller somewhere before getting and waiting on line?

You aren’t allowed to bring the strollers in the queues. There are certain locations throughout the parks where you can park it.

Thanks! I was afraid of that. Now to figure out how to keep my 2 year old from running away from me while waiting in line.

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Only example I can think of is Kilimanjaro safaris. You actually get in line with your stroller and then part way through the queue you reach stroller parking.

Normally, you park and then get in line.

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have you tried candy?

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I was thinking perhaps a leash!


In most lines, there won’t be anywhere for a kid to run. Usually they’ll be scared of all the other people and probably cling to you.

Thanks! Let’s hope so!

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I was afraid of the same thing on my trip. But it’s true a lot of lines they really can’t go anywhere. We also made sure never to wait in a long
Line. So touring plsn abd rope dropping were our friends! And if we had to we just held her and distracted. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for us.

A leash also a fine idea if you need it.
No judgement here!

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I am told that when I was a 2 year old at Disney World, my father wanted to bring a leash for me, but my mother wouldn’t allow it. :rofl:

Haha. Well if my kid was a known runner I wouldn’t think twice. I’m lucky she had some fear of people she doesn’t no she stayed close.

A roaming kid wasn’t an issue but trying to find the stroller parking net each attraction took it’s told. I’m still looking for a good stroller parking map.

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A stroller parking map is a fantastic idea! Touring Plans should get on that!

Just leave your stroller right at the entrance to a ride and a helpful CM will take it to stroller parking. It’s like valet parking. :wink:

I don’t recommend that at all. We apparently illegally parked by Sci-fi and found that our stroller was moved. It took us a few panicked minutes until we found it.


Yes, those are panicked minutes until you find it again! Even if you park in the stroller parking areas, CM regularly move them around. We found even in the parking areas our stroller was often moved to a different spot as they constantly try to organize those areas for space reasons. Clearly marking our stroller in ways we could see quickly by scanning the whole crowd of strollers saved us often.