Newbie Questions

Definitely my plan. I guess we’ll just get snacks upon arrival, then, once we find out if we can convert, figure out an actual plan for our meals that day. I do not do well with unknowns like this! :crazy_face:

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I hear you! DL can be very much “you’ll have to wait and see til you get here” and that’s so hard when you want a concrete plan. The flip side of this is that they tend to have more flexibility for day-of and walk-ins. But it’s still so hard when you want what you want, know for certain it’s what you want and you just don’t know if you can get it or not.

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The second showing of Fantasmic was much, much less crowded in the BB reserved area than in the other two areas. I don’t have any good pictures but here is one looking towards the RB reserved area. Notice all that empty space next to me! Me Time - #43 by stlouie

The HB reserved area was even more crowded. It was full.

There were about 20 people in the BB. @Jeff_AZ told me after the fact that I would have had a better view if I sat in the back.

I had no trouble converting my 3:30 PM reservation to a dining package. It was just me but there was plenty of space in the BB section for the second showing.