Newbie help: Clarification on "11:00am" & the 2-hr window with Genie +?

You can stack for night but it depends on availability every two hours.

I think after @PrincipalTinker comments you are on the right path now. It’s always tied to your most recently booked, not used, ll.

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Using your scenario:

7 am book PPF for 10am
Tap into PPF at 10 and then book HM for 10:40.
Tap into HM at 10:40 and book another LL for 1:00
12:40 book a LL for 5:00
1:00 ride your LL with this return time
2:40 book your next LL.
-scenario one - you book a 3:30, once you tap into the 3:30, you can book another LL
-scenario two - you book a 6:30 - you are eligible to book at 4:40
For this example I’m going to use scenario one since it’s MK and you may be able to get a ride at 3:30.
Tap into your 3:30 and book the next LL for 6:00pm
5:00 ride LL$
5:30 you are eligible for another LL
6:00pm ride that LL ride

so on and so forth. I hope this kind of makes sense.

Last post I swear!
going off my running examples :sweat_smile:

@12:40 book LL4 for 5pm (can book again when use LL4 or 2:40)
@1:00 Use LL3, but still can’t book until 2:40 from above
@2:40 book LL5 for 7pm (can book again when use LL5 or 4:40)
@4:40 book LL6 for 6:30pm (can book again when use LL6 or 6:40)

*so now I’ve successfully stacked LL4, 5, & 6 while on break.
When I come back to park, regardless of when I use any of these, I can not book another until 6:40 or I’ve used LL6 only. If this is correct I get it!!

This looks good except the last line - if you book at 4:40 a LL6 for 6:30 - you can book again at 6:30 when you tap in for that ride - or 6:40 if you don’t plan on using LL6 until the second half of your return window.

edited - I think maybe you had it and the 5:40 was a typo for 6:40 in your post.

Congratulations! You have graduated from the Genie School of wtf-is-this-ish-and-why-is-it-so-complicated-screw-you-Chapek. Here’s your degree. :plunger:


good catch yes typo meant 6:40 and just corrected.

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LMAO! I literally burst laughing as that is a spot-on comment!!!

To summarize, I want to be booking earliest return times in the morning so I can scan and book, but when I leave for break I want to be booking furthest return times first so that my last LL (before returning to the parks) has the earliest return time and I can thus scan and re-book vs wait for 2 hrs.

You peeps have been a blessing! Thank you so much as I would have been screwed without all this clarification!


Yes that’s a good strategy. The only thing you may want to tweak is if you want to ride one of the rides that run out of lls early, like Jungle Cruise, I would probably book it earlier in the day even if the return time is later and take advantage of low standby attractions to fill the gap if there is one.


You’re doing great and you’ve had lots of good help! I’ll just add one response here:

One thing to keep in mind when doing this is that you will get to a point where the soonest available LLs will be for attractions you don’t need a LL for. So I would focus on getting the harder to get ones, which save you more time in line, and potentially have fewer LLs than to get multiple LLs that may be worthless or not as necessary.


YES! was just using bogus rides, times, etc as an example so I could understand how it truly functioned with the rebooking window. I will be watching return times for those that sell out quick (JC, PP, etc) and will book with that in mind. We have also already prioritized which rides my adult daughters want to ride so not at all trying to squeeze it all in! This is an extra day for us - real reason is to do EPCOT and “drink around the world” for my DD’s 21st birthday…paced drinking and eating, don’t worry! :wink:


We’re doing the same a couple of days after you for DD (recently turned 21).