Newbie help: Clarification on "11:00am" & the 2-hr window with Genie +?

Newbie here…last trip to WDW was in 2009 – just a little has changed! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I understand “Next Available” G+ window is either 2 hrs since LAST LL was booked or ride scan - whichever happens first. Looking for clarification on the 2-hr rule when nearing 11:00am and how that changes “next available” window.

7am - book PP LL w/rt 10am
10am - scan PP & book HM LL w/rt 10:40am

Q1: At this point (10am and holding HM LL), is my next available/2hr window STILL 11:00am/ride scan or did my next available/2 hr window now become 12:00/ride scan?

Q2: If it is still 11:00/ride scan, then I assume I would want to WAIT to scan current HM LL until AFTER 11:00, so I could book a later LL for stacking. Would the following work on the above example?

7am - book PP LL w/rt 10am
10am - scan PP & book HM LL w/rt 10:40am
**WAIT to ride HM until after 11:00 so I can utilize 11:00am 2-hr window thus creating the following steps/stacking…
**11:00 - book LL for Parade w/rt 11:30
**11:05 - now scan HM and book JC LL w/rt 7pm
**11:30 - scan Parade and book a new LL to stack with JC for evening (NEW next available would be 1:30/ride scan) *And I take break back at hotel while I continue to snag new LL’s every 2 hrs forward til back at park and start scanning…

Did I understand stacking?

Appreciate any advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

What time does the park open?

Going TH May 19th. Park will be open 9-10 and staying on property so will be utilizing EE (standby for Space).
I was attempting a dry-run this morning with snagging LL right at 7am, and the system glitched on me so when I refreshed the earliest I could get was a 10am RT for PP. Hoping on actual day will get earlier RT.
Regardless, still not sure when the “next available” windows start before and near 11am.

Thanks in advance for your help!

As soon as you tap into your MOST RECENTLY BOOKED LL, OR 2 hours after park opening, whichever comes first.

Once you book your next LL, you have two hours from THAT point, OR until you tap into that one, whichever comes first. That rule never changes.

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If I understand you correctly, this no longer works? If you wait until 11 to use your LL you will make your next LL. If you use it at 10:40, you make it then. You can’t make two (edited to clarify) in the same time period (booking in the same time period) under any scenarios?

Depends on what you mean by that.

So, let’s say you tap in at 10:40. You book your next LL, but it isn’t until 3 pm. You can, at 12:40, book another LL for, say, 4 pm or 1 pm, etc. So, you are booking two in that case. In the former case, you have to wait until 2:40 to book again. In the latter case, you can book another after tapping in at 1.

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But that is not the example

You can’t do that anymore- can you?

Correct. You can’t do that. I just wanted to clarify your statement about not being able to book two “under any scenarios”. That isn’t exactly accurate. But, you can’t book two based on the scenario outlined by the OP, you are correct.

I will clarify I meant two within the same time frame in my answer.

I believe the question was based on the original way the system worked.

Haha! I’m confused. So in my scenario, as long as it is before 11:00 and I am scanning in, I can keep rebooking. But I read about people waiting to use their LL that was close to 11:00 (say a 10:40) so you could book at 11:00, scan with your 10:40 and book again - thus having two. I’m guessing that was outdated information??

So, then is this how it would work:
7am - book PP w/rt 10am (next avail is 11am or ride PP)
10am - scan PP, book HM w/rt 10:40am (next avail is 11am or ride HM)
10:40am - ride HM, book Parade w/rt 11:30 (next avail is 11 or Parade)?
11am - eligible to book another even if still holding Parade?? Or what would the next avail be for the last line above?

oh wait a minute - do you mean as soon as I tap into my FIRST LL, the clock starts from there UNLESS the Return Time is later than 11?

For example:
7am - book PP@10 (window is 11am or PP scan)
10am - scan PP & book HM @10:40 (window is now 12 or HM scan)

So the key thing to remember is that every time you book a ll, that time you booked that ll (regardless of the return time for that ll) starts the 2 hour or use timeline over again.

So if you cannot use your 7am ll before 11, 11 becomes the earliest time you can book ll2. If you use ll1 before 11am, you can book ll2 once you tap into ll1. In your example if you use ll1 at 10:40, you can book ll2 at 10:40. Then the use or wait 2 hours is based off of 10:40. So either use ll2 before 12:40 and book ll3 immediately or book ll3 at 12:40. Now 12:40 is the 2 hour or use time. Get it?


My understanding with your scenario is that you book your PPF with a rt of 10:00 and tap in at 10:00, then you can book your next LL. If you are able to get HM for 10:40 then you can book a new one at 10:40 when you tap in at HM, when you can book the next one will depend on what you get. If your next one is before 12:40 - you’ll be able to book your next one when you tap in. If your next one is after 12:40 - then you’ll be able to book at 12:40. And the day goes like that - it’s based on the last one you booked - if you get return times less than two hours away you’ll book sooner - but if you’re stacking for later - it’s two hours after you most recently booked a LL.


This is helpful, I understand now I was using outdated “advice”! Ugh!
So just to make sure I understand…using your explanation, would this be correct?

@7am book LL1 for 10am (can book again when use LL1 or 11am)
@10am Use LL1 & book LL2 for 10:40am (can book again when use LL2 or 12pm)
@ 10:40am Use LL2 & book LL3 for 1pm (can book again when use LL3 or 12:40pm) **In this case the 2hr window is better
@ 12:40pm book LL4 for 5pm **now holding LL4 w/rt5pm AND LL3 w/rt1pm, but regardless of return times I can book again at 2:40pm or when I use either LL3 or LL4 - which in this case LL3 has the earliest return time.

You can book your next one at 2:40 since it is two hours after you booked #4. That is your actionable LL. You cannot book after you use your 1pm LL.

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LL4 in the above scenario is the most recently booked LL - so it is the one that your next booking time is based on - LL3 is out of the equation even though it is an earlier return time. So - you’d be able to book again at 2:40.

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So @12:40 when I booked LL4, my return time became 2:40 or when I use THAT ride’s LL , not any others I might be holding that possibly have earlier return times?

Yes! It is always dependent on your last booking.


So obviously, in the morning, the earlier return times are what you should seek, ie. scan and book.
But if I’m taking a break in afternoon and want to stack for evening return, can I not do that now?

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Your return time is still 5pm - but you can book your next LL at 2:40. That’s where the stacking comes into play because you can be booking LL not in chronological order. It’s based on your most recent booking - if your most recent booking is more than two hrs away - then 2 hrs is your next booking window.

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