Newbie Frustration building DHS & AK Plans! Help?

So can someone talk me down from a ledge? This is my first time using Touring Plans and I did great putting together my Magic Kingdom and Epcot plans but I’m so frustrated as hell trying to do Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios! Half of the things I have fastpasses for at HS are not given as options to include in my touring plan… I was thinking (and hoping) that the touring plan was basically going to be my itinerary for our day, but now I’m seeing it’s not that useful?? Things like the Frozen Sing A Long, and the other shows, I can’t put into my plan. How do you work around this???

Frozen sing along is included in the choices for my plans. Generally, if it is not included in the drop down it is because it is not open or scheduled for the day of your plan. TP is great about updating things and if anything changes they reflect that in the plans, that’s how I found out about most of the closings that are happening during our October visit.

I used a partial-day approach on our recent trip. We made all the parks for rope drop, then toured HARD up until lunchtime, or our pre-programmed midday break.

But once we got back to the parks - the touring plan was done, and all that evening time was freeform. We re-rode a couple of things, and had time to wander around and shop, eat ice cream, or look at those slower attractions or shows that I couldn’t fit in the morning plan. This worked out brilliantly - and remember the Lines app is your friend; it’s usually dead-on accurate for wait times.

None of the shows were options for me to select… just rides. I had chosen the “All Attractions” drop down I think… I’ll give it a try again… Thanks.

The shows are usually listed below the attractions. As with all technology sometimes there are glitches, but TP has great customer service.

Ok I found it! Those shows, etc, weren’t options in the initial choices when building the plan, however, they are choices to add after the plan has been made. Thanks y’all!

Also: Why won’t it let me add in my fastpass time for Rock N Rollercoaster??

@stephyod, when you are setting up a new plan, the shows and parades are on a seperate tab at the top of the list.

One thing that puzzled me at first, the attractions are in alphabetical order but go on down for shows and things like fireworks.