New Year's in Disneyland

Any advice on touring and visiting the Disneyland resort over New Year’s? We’ll be there December 29-January 3. Staying at DLH. Two adults. No kids. Thx!

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It’ll be busy, the earlier you’re there, the better. Schedule for 12/31/14. People start staking out DL firework spots as soon as park opens. Be sure to catch Viva Navidad in DCA, lots of fun. Carsland was a ghost town in 2013, walkon to Radiator Racers, 2014 crowded. DL’ll get very busy later in the day, head to DCA. Have done NYE solo 2 yrs in a row, doubt I’ll do it again this year. Follow tweets from @disneylandtoday to check if any parks close due to capacity, especially NYE.

Viva Navidad & WOC from Flo’s.

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Thx for the tips @moorparknay15. Love the photos too! Right now our thought is to go to DL for rope drop and stay there all day and thru midnight fireworks on 12-31. Any idea how early we should arrive before the park opens? We normally arrive 60 minutes before park opening on “normal” days, so we’re among first to enter park.

Should be good, early entry’s 7am at DL that day, though not sure how early security’ll be open.


NYE will be crazy crowded and hard to move around. 2 years ago it literally took me over 25 minutes to walk from back of castle to front. I recommend by early afternoon find a place to watch the fireworks and “party” to live music and stay there for the rest of the night.

Thx @BellesRose2K

Oh wow – do people really lay out towels to reserve spots and then leave and come back later, @moorparknay15?

Yes they do. It was sooo foggy a couple of years ago, you couldn’t see anything(I was at DCA at midnight so we heard them) but can you imagine staking out a spot for hours & can’t see them?