New Year's Eve

My daughter and I will be down in WDW for New Year’s and I was wondering if all TS dining has special menus and pricing on this evening. We are thinking of Jiko in earlier evening. Any help would be appreciated

We’ll be there the same time! No idea about the menus… Just excited about NYE in the most magical place on earth!

Just be aware if tou wanted to be in a oark for nye you shoukd be there somewaht early. I believe it is one of the rare times the parks will close due to capacity

Thanks Jedi but I think we are going to either do a resort day or maybe AK in the morning and get out before it gets too crazy.

Some TS restaurants have special menus for Christmas, but I don’t remember NYE as having them. I was there over both in Dec 2016.

We actually stayed out of the parks too that day, and booked at Disney Springs instead. That didn’t work quite as planned…

DH and both sons went offsite to the shopping malls. Planned to return car to BLT and then join up with me (I was resort hopping) and get bus to DS. They couldn’t get back into MK area due to traffic and ended up driving straight to DS.

Just be aware that whatever your plans, allow twice as much time to get around, whether driving or on the buses.