New Year's eve strategy

Hi everyone! I’m new to this board and am really enjoying it. I’m obsessed with careful planning and am working on a plan for next year during the Christmas season. I realize that as far as crowds go, this will be crazy, but it’s the only time we can make it and I’m excited about enjoying the holiday festivities. Hopefully with touring plans and careful planning on my part I can lessen the pain of dealing with large crowds.

Specifically, I want to go into MK on Dec. 31(early), leave midday for a rest, and then return to MK after dinner. I understand that the park will likely reach capacity and close, but are resort guests permitted to reenter?

I’m even considering going to California Grill for dinner and Fireworks and then going into the park for a few more rides. Thoughts?

Does Cali Grill have a special, outrageously price dinner on New Year’s Eve? Would the Dessert Party Work? It could give you an ADR, and re-entry to same park. If you are staying on-site I think they will let you in regardless of the closures, but maybe someone can confirm.

Are you staying on property? If so, you should be able to get in as long as they’re not at phase 4 closing, where no one gets in.

Alternatively, you can make an ADR for in the park, which should get you in.

Check out this link for an explanation of the closings.

Welcome to forum @jstagnaro! CG does indeed have a special expensive new years menu, check out this thread: Does this look right?

Holy Moly! I’m interested in a decent New Year’s Eve meal and I’m interested in trying out California Grill, but that price is out of my range. I knew it would be pricey, but had no idea it would be that hight. I guess I’ll go there another night during my trip. Thank you!

Depending on which ‘phase’ of closure is reached, an ADR wont help you either. Here’s some more info on that:

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