New way of touring in 2021

Hi all. I’ve been out of the loop for the past year feeling like I would never travel again but I now have a 7 night Disney and Universal trip planned for mid September.
I was hoping we could combine some of the new things to expect and new tips and tricks for how to navigate plans since so much is different and always changing.
Some things I’ve gathered:
You need a park reservation for the first park of the day. There is one day where I will be starting in Epcot and then going to Animal kingdom and then I was hoping to go back to Epcot. Is that allowed??

Do we have any idea when Harmonious will launch?
Any rumors on the new rides?
A lot of the restaurants I like are closed. I know Ohana is opening in July any word on the other restaurants that are closed? Namely Boma, Jiko, V&A, monsieur Paul, takumi tei?

You can get a Rise of the resistance boarding pass at 7 am in your hotel as long as you have a ticket and reservation for HS.

Are any rides closed now that people mover is running again?

Any tips for having a touring plan now that there are no fast passes?

Yes. You can hop to AK as early as 2pm then return to EP later

This year. I’d wager before / on Oct. 1, 2021 - The 50th Anniversary

Remy’s Ratatauoille Adventure opens Oct. 1, 2021

Unknown. Space 220 will launch in Epcot sometime late 2021


Just the Railroad in MK

This applies to any plan -

I’ve seen too many “perfect” plans that go from ride-to-ride nonstop. You really need to put a 15 minute break in your plan every 1.5 – 2 hours. I’ve had more than one person tell me, “I’m on vacation. I don’t need to schedule when I pee.”

These breaks are a buffer for unexpected Magic / toilet / gift shops / drinks / etc.…

When putting in these breaks make sure to account for the walking time to your next attraction. Any time you insert a “rest” into a plan, the walking times after the rest are wrong due to a bug in TP software. For example, you are at Dumbo, then rest, and then plan to go to Jungle Cruise it only allocates a one minute walk time, instead of what should have been like 10-15 minutes. If your next attraction is nearby this isn’t a big deal, but it is something to consider.

I like to use a QS / TS location near my next attraction as the step for my break. If the next step in my TP is Space Mt., but It’s been about 80 minutes or so I’ll make Cosmic Ray’s my next step for a 15 minute break.

It’s always IMHO better to have the break & not need it than get behind!!


i always make personalized touring plans, and I just love this idea of putting in extra breaks. I am going to use this for our next trip! Thank you.