New UT 7 day Park Hopper

Hurry! This won’t last long!

4-Day Park Hopper® Ticket - plus 3 Days FREE
Flash Sale! 7-Day Ticket with Special Savings!


HOLY SMOKES. Wish that popped up a few weeks ago before my FPP day!

Wow - just plugged that into my Price comparison - AP upgrade spreadsheet and see it would save a family of 4 adult tix a whopping $342 if you used these to bridge to an AP.

Oh … that reminds me …

When I bridged my UT 7 day PH that I paid $418 to an AP last May, I only paid $291. I thought they made a mistake or something, because the ONLINE price of a 7 day PH is $485. However, that is $20 off the GATE price, which is $505. So, when upgrading a ticket to AP, they are giving credit for the GATE prices, not the online! Yay Disney!!

Another Wow - I didn’t realize that. Is that typical I wonder? Would have to update the spreadsheet!

I have been stalking the UT prices for a while now, not being quite sure if they would offer a better deal on the ticket I wanted. I was also trying to balance when I bought because I wasn’t sure if the UT deal that was offered might disappear and actually get more expensive. Don’t get me wrong - the deal previous to this one was a good deal & the only thing really stopping me from buying right away was trying to spread out my Disney costs, but I am sooooo glad I waited until today! This new deal saved my family of 4 an additional $110 off our tickets, AND it saved my sister’s family $110 off their tickets, AND it saved my Mom $25! Not that I would ever pay at the gate prices, but according to UT, my cost was $427 off of gate price for a family of 4. Sounds good to me!! :smile:

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Crap. I just bought 6 of these a couple weeks ago so that savings would have been huge. But I needed them for the 60 day FP window. Bridging will hopefully still drive a nice AP savings. Great find though!

That is terrific! Don’t think this offer is too common.
I was stalking UT too and waited until right before my FPP day a month back. #whatareyagonnado

Circling back around… I updated my Find Max Discount spreadsheet to use the Disney GATE prices now.

Guess when you mentioned that you received the gate price difference in previous messages, it just didn’t occur to my brain that the price you pay online wasn’t the gate price and that they charged more money when buying on site. Makes sense to me now! #anotherheadslap

If you work for a company that participates in perkspot or working advantage, they have this deal all the time. These are the tickets we buy every year!

When I’ve checked Working Advantage myself the savings weren’t as good as UT or other places. I’ll have to make a point of checking regularly next time!

Huh, Just checked Working Advantage and they have 4 day get 1 day free offer out there that is at least $20 better priced than the online resellers. Thanks for the reminder to look there! I kind of gave up on them after checking a year or so ago.

This last April it wasn’t as good because once taxed were added in it was almost the same

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